Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vest, Shirt & Apron

We're going to be doing a little more detail work with this installment. Looking at the photo to the left you can see that the front of the body looks pretty well finished. The circle on the apron indicates where the design of the flour sack will go. The vest has two pockets and button holes. No buttons yet as we'll paint those in. The apron has been given folds and creases and if you look close on the right side you will see a patch near the bottom edge of the circle. I've carved in folds and overlaps on the neckerchief.

A word about detail. As our cook is from the Old West, I would suggest you do a little research into the clothing they would have worn back then. There are hundreds of websites out there you can google to see the different types. To me that's half the fun of doing a carving like this. A lot of places will send you a free catalog which is a great thing to have. I subscribe to a ton of magazines on this period that are shredded to pieces by my cutting out photos to paste in my reference books. I have also bought pieces of clothing and other cowboy tack that appear frequently on my pieces. That way I can put them on and see just how they fit in different poses. It's also fun to just put them on and play Cowboy. My horse Boomer loves it when he sees me coming with the saddle, dressed up like 'Gus' McCrae. He knows we're going to have some fun.

To be continued.....


  1. Well Lynn, I have the body pretty much done, also the left arm...haven't done the coffee pot yet or the hankerchief in the rear pocket. I am assuming you drilled the handled for the coffee pot and cut the wire putting in each side of the handle? Dave

  2. That's the way to do it. Be careful when drilling the hold in the handle. Come in from both ends so you don't come out the otherside somewhere you don't want!

  3. Yep ha ha, been there, done that! thanks!