Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Get Started!

To begin with a word about safety. Make sure you wear a Carving Glove and a Thumb Protector before attempting this project. The last thing I want is for someone to get hurt. A little bit of protection now could save you from a lot of pain and grief later on. Also, this project is not meant for a beginning Carver. My comments are going to be made with the understanding that you already have a solid grasp of the basics of woodcarving. A lot of the techniques I'll use might be new to you but, hopefully, we will work through them.

One more thing before we start. I've never attempted anything like this before so as the saying goes...Be patient with me! If you have a question put it in the Comments section and I'll try and answer it. Also, remember that I'm typing these comments as I'm doing the carving so I'm in the dark as much as you about how this thing will turn out.

Okay! Here's the pattern for the Cook. While the outlines for the Head and Arm are given don't worry about those for the moment. We're only concerned with the body right now. Click on the "Additional Photos" caption at the bottom of this Post and it will take you to the photos associated with this posting. Copy the Pattern photo to your computer and enlarge it to the size indicated. This will give you the templates you'll need but cut the body. Lay it out on your block with the grain running in the direction of the arrows. Cut the Side profile first then the front.

My tools. Yes, that's a box knife! I have used this tool for years to the point that it has become my "Old Reliable"! Everybody thinks I'm nuts for using it and maybe I am. All I know is that it works for me and thats whats most important. I also use the "normal" carving knife when called for so if you have a favorite knife like I do use it. If you prefer to use gouges and chisels then use them. As we go along you'll see me using other tools but, for the moment, I'll start with these.

There are captions under the photos to explain what I'm doing. Again, if you have to ask questions about basic carving techniques this project may be too advanced for you.

To be continued...........


  1. Lynn, It looks great so far. I am surpirsed you start with the feet first. A box cutter eh? Why not!. Never really thought of using a box cutter and it looks like the blade you are using, you have used it for a while.
    Great starte\.

  2. Ok Lynn, I got in by clicking on "other" , was pre-occupied with getting in here, lol, now to look at your pics :)

  3. Great job so far lynn,

    looking forward to the next installment...

    I can see the fun starting already especally if you dont point out that the pattern contains the head of the carature in its lap...

  4. thank for doing this. this is better than just getting a pattern,you are getting a book. i'm a fan of your woodcarving. thanks again!!

  5. Hi Lynn,

    I'm just getting tuned into this blog spot so I'm playing catch up. This is great and I am looking forward to the rest of the entries. About getting started; I was hoping for more in between. How did you get the pattern in the first place? When you come up with an idea for a new character, how do you get the idea from your head to a roughout. Do you start carving away on a 3X3 until your idea appears, do you make sketches, clay models? I'd like to start doing my own creations, but I'm having difficulty getting from thought to wood.

    Thanks for sharing your techniques with us.


  6. Lynn I started my Cook tonight, have body roughout all bandsawed out, looking forward to starting on the boots right after work tomorrow night. Thanks for the inspiration and coaching help.

  7. Sharon Elliott5/17/2006 02:55:00 PM

    Lynn, I have been carving for 21 years and have never seen as good as instruction verbally, let alone written!!! Thanks for doing this on-line....I think I'll give it a go!!

  8. In your "let's get started" message as well as other posts you mention we should click on the additional photos caption. Has it moved as I can't seem to find it?


  9. Ken: Thats a pretty old post...back in 2006. A couple years back the site that I was using for my photo galleries crashed and I lost all that was posted. I think if you look in the new Picasa Gallery you can find some photos of the cook.