Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Preview

I finished up the Cook this morning. As a lot of you are having difficulty visualizing the finished product I thought it might be a good idea to show you how it finished up on my end.

I am a little hesitant to do this as I'm afraid some of you will ignore the posts still to come. But I'll take that risk. One thing I will ask is don't come at me with questions on areas that haven't been covered yet. I'll try and answer those as we move along.

So.....I think he turned out pretty good. Remember my comment earlier about plastic surgery? Well, here's the story.

I completed the head and thought it was going good. Unfortunately, once it was painted I was not satisfied at all at the outcome. Hmmmmm....what to do. Carve a new one or try and save the one I have. Could I recarve it even though it had been painted? Hmmmmmm....Well, what the H***! If it doesn't turn out it was headed for the woodstove anyway so here goes.

I shaved all the eye detail completely off the face and redid them. It worked! Later on you will be able to compare the first face with the one here. I'm not going to show you how the first one looked painted. I'll keep that secret.

To be continued......


  1. I haven't seen anything on how you made the firepit etc...have I missed it? thanks Dave

  2. Looks great. Cant wait to follow you on the painting.


  3. Lynn,

    About the fire pit accessories.

    I bought metal that I was unable to solder to. Is there a certain type I of metal I need to look at?


  4. Lynn, I've been away from the WCI site for a spell (retiring and moving) and stumbled onto your post and then to this blog. I'm a little new to blogs and I am taking my time reading all of your posts and viewing the pics. Once we get settled into our new spot I plan on giving this project a go. In the meantime I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you are putting into this. I am impressed by your simplistic(nothing compicated) and common sense approach. Using a box knife! Wow, this is refreshing! I'll follow up with some more feedback once I get started. Thanks again.

  5. I have been following this project on a daily bases and am very excited to get started. At the current time I’m the executor for my dad’s estate and I’m trying to get all of this wound up so I can start this carving project with a clear mind, hopefully by the end of June. I want to give this project 100% of my carving time and effort.
    I have been carving now for about 11 years and have really looked up to Guys like Harold Enlow, Gerald Sears, Pete LeClair and others. I will be adding the name Lynn Doughty to that list of names when I speaking of the best of the best.
    Lynn you do influence people, It’s funny but in the last couple of weeks I have purchased a standard utility knife, and just this past weekend I was at an auction and was high bidder on an old blue porcelain (white speckled) coffee pot. I must have the bug bad to pay $47.50 for a coffee pot to use as a pattern!@#$% , but I sure did it.
    I have been copying all pictures and pages of the blog to my computer for my future reference.
    I feel I’m good for most of the project with exception of maybe the head detail. This is where I’m the weakest. But with this project, if the head doesn’t turn out, I can just try another one.
    If I start by the end of June, my goal would be to have it finished by Labor Day.
    Thanks Lynn, It’s a very special project and I will give it my very best effort…..Myron

  6. Myron.......Watch out about what you start collecting!! Horses aren't cheap!

  7. What kind of metal rods did you get at Lowe's? what is the size and lenght for the fire place irons

  8. The metal rod is 3/16" and you will need about 18" of it. Cut it in three pieces. I used part of an old clothes hanger to make the little circles at the end of the uprights and the one end of the crosspiece.

  9. Bum in eastern Mt.11/05/2008 07:17:00 PM

    Hi Lynn, I am just starting the cook, been carving quite a while (about 40 years) and am anxious to try the cook!! Your work is spectacular and I check your blog daily for updates..really appreciate you taking time to show us these type projects. I hope to do several of your type projects in the future. Please keep up the great work so that us mere carvers can continue to improve!!