Saturday, May 20, 2006

Biscuits, Beans and a Cup of Coffee

It's time to bake some biscuits, cook some beans, and make our tin cup so we can sample some of that Cook's campfire coffee.

The biscuit part is easy. The beans shouldn't be that difficult as you've already done similar steps when you made the Dutch Oven. For that reason I'm not going to dwell on how to make a bean pot as you should be able to figure that out yourself. You might have to raid your spice rack for some Mustard Seeds.

The Tin Cup will require some of that 7th grade metalwork training you thought you'd never use and have long forgot. A small soldering iron, solder and flux and a piece of scrap tin will get you over this hurdle. Just don't burn your fingers.

To be continued.......


  1. Lynn two thumbs up.

    Some of the small things you suggest I would have never thought of.

    Could you briefly touch on carving the head if he was wearing a cowboy hat. Like the pattern you would use and just a few pointers. I’m sure this project is a lot of extra work for you, but thought I’d ask if you could venture off just a bit and just touch on it.


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  3. Brian....I'll try and cover a head with a hat later on. As these posts on the Cook run in order don't want to interject any non-Cook items. Hope thats okay.

    Thanks for the thumbs!!

  4. Lynn, I have a question...on the say 3/8 rod and a 2 1/8 in forstner bit...but that doesn't compute? your picture shows 8 biscuits, if I put 3/8 dowel pieces in the 2 1/8 drilled pot, I can put in about 15 or twenty? Are you sure the forstner isn't about 1 1/8? thanks Dave

  5. Hi Ho Silver.....You were partially right. I went back down and remeasured all my drilling and dowels:

    Biscuits...Should be 5/8" vs. 3/8"
    Dutch Oven.Use a 2 1/8" Forstner Bit.
    Bean Pot...Use a 1 7/8" Forstner Bit.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  6. OK thanks.............:)

  7. Lynn thats fine. thanks


  8. Lynn,

    Pertaining to the biscuts, what length are they, from the picture of them in the oven its hard to determine, I realize the oven is 1" deep and it appears from the top of the biscut to the rim of the oven looks like about 1/2", if so, then biscuts are maybe 1/2" long too? Thanks.

  9. Bill.. I never measure them but imagine they're about 3/8" Think 1/2 would be too tall and 1/4 would look like cookies. Just experiment with a couple. Hope this helps.

  10. Lynn,

    In making the coffee cup, where do you find the tin? I'm thinking maybe the crafts store sell small 6X6 squares for craft work? All I can find at Lowes is Aluminum, which won't work out. By the way, real cool idea on the gun blueing for the wire, works real fast, would never have thought of that even though I remember re-blueing my 22 as a kid with my dad.

  11. Bill.....If there is a sheet metal shop around just stop by and they'll give you all you need from the scrap cuts laying on the floor. At least they do here. I'd get the thinnest possible but regular ducting works good. Buff it a little before soldering and use a flux and you should have no problems putting it together. hopes this helps.

  12. Lynn....Thanks for the guidence, Bill