Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beans Again?

Here's another figure done a lot smaller than I normally carve. He's about 7" tall not counting the base. Some people prefer this size over the larger ones although their a little harder to detail when working on a smaller scale. However, I have to admit they still make a nice looking piece.
I did the eyes a little different on this fella. He has a sort of bug-eye look to him like he might be a little worried about coming out to the waiting wranglers with nothing more than a big pot of music makers. But, while he might look a little aprehensive he's a good Cookie and knows how to turn those Mexican BB's into a tasty treat so maybe they'll let him slide this time.
On a different subject, we're all packed up for the Kansas City show this weekend. That's a really good event to attend. Nice people and a nice venue. This time we're going to track down Arthur Bryant's place for some good KC BBQ.
More photos in the Gallery.

P.S. The little Cook took First Place in the single caricature category at the Kansas City Show.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Country Doctor

To hopefully keep your interest in this Blog here are a few photos of some smaller carvings you might want to try along with a horse & buggy my Country Doc used on his rural rounds. These figures stood about 6 inchs tall.
The Buggy was a real fun project. I made the folding top out of a piece of cotton cloth soaked in shellac and then allowed it to dry. I spray painted the inside surface white and the outside flat black. It was then cut to shape and formed over the metal frame and glued in place. I also used this fabric on the mud protector just in front of the driver. If you look on the buggy floor you'll find the Doc's bag and on the seat his coat and hat. While you can't see it there is a bag of oats and a bucket just behind the buggy's cab. Underneath, hanging from the rear axle is a grease bucket.
Smaller figures are fun to make and fairly easy to carve. The details are a little more tricky but still possible.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

What The ....???

Sorry for not posting anything for a while. We're having our roof replaced down to the rafters so it has kept us pretty busy for the last several weeks. Wouldn't you know it...just as soon as they ripped off the old decking it snowed!!! The Boss tells me that it will all be done by this weekend so maybe I can get back into the shop for something a little more enjoyable.
Stay tuned!