Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Road Agents at Prairie Dog Junction!

Here is a scene I did several years ago which is on display in the Out West Gallery. It depicts a holdup at Prairie Dog Junction. I borrowed the idea for this one from a Charlie Russell painting I saw at the Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana. Lots of detail here.

The Coach was constructed using a set of full-sized blueprints. It's built to scale and even the interior is detailed with jump seats, curtains, etc. The Coach body is supported over the frame with real leather throughbraces, just like the real ones. However, I had to permanently anchor it to the frame as it wiggled during movement, again like the real ones.

The horse team is called a "Six-Up" as six animals are used. The harness is correct for such a rig as are the corresponding 'trees' which tie them all together to the wagon. From what I've read and seen it really took a lot of experience and strength to handle such a hook-up.

I've attached a lot of close up photos so you can get a real feel of the action taking place along this lonely stretch of road. One thing for sure....those little Prairie Dog's do not appreciate the load that cayuse has just deposited in front of their doorstep!