Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Big Project

Judy and I had the opportunity to return to Woolaroc Museum the other day to see how the Chuckwagon installation was progressing.  WOW!  Looking Good!  There is still some work to be done to the front of the display as they had originally planned on doing display cases there that would have contained artifacts associated with the trail drives.  Unfortunately, those cases blocked the view of the scene so they were removed and will be replaced by a split-rail fence.  Other than that the scene is set and standing there you can almost hear the cattle moving in the background and the wranglers complaining about the slowness of the chow line.

There are a couple of things I would have left out of the scene, i.e., the cast-iron teapot and cornbread mold. I doubt seriously if those two things ever could have been found in a wagons inventory.  Maybe I'll point that out during the next trip.  You have to keep the details right or there will be those who waste no time pointing out the wrong ones.
 Don't ask me why but to me the best position to view the overall scene is this one. Seeing my efforts included in the displays of one of the top western museums in the U.S. is a thrill indeed.

Should you have the opportunity to visit this museum you owe it to yourself to drive just west of Bartlesville, OK, to see some of the best displays of western art around.  Russell, Remington, Beeler, Moran, and I'm proud to say...Doughty, are all there plus many more too numerous to name.  Woolaroc may be a little off the beaten path but in a way that's what makes it such a wonderful and special place.  Here's how to get there: