Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Breed

This will be my "Silent Auction" piece for the Dayton Woodcarving Show coming up this weekend.  With the walnut base it's about 11" tall.   He's off the reservation and cooling his moccasins somewhere on the beach from the reflection on his glasses.   I've always wanted to do a good pair of mirrored sunglasses and I think I finally found the secret.  As it would be hard to describe without writing a big chapter I'll save it and do it in a video.

I hope you like him and if you're in Ohio for the show he'll be setting on the table for a closer look.  You might even want to make a bid.  It goes to a good cause.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Bear

Here's the last one I'll be able to finish before the trip to Ohio for the Dayton Ohio Artistry in Wood show.

Big Bear stands at just under 18" with the oak base so he's a pretty impressive Drummer heading off to the big Pow Wow.   I did a lot of paint mixing to achieve the colors of the blanket and shirt.  Some Red in with the Midnight Blue for the blanket and a little Midnight Blue with Green for the shirt.  This is fun to do but make sure you remember the color ratios in case your need some later for a touch-up.   I explained the drum construction in the earlier post so won't repeat it here. His earrings are made from aluminum wire left natural for a silver look.

I really like this piece as the character has a relaxed regal look about him.  Clearly, he must be the head Drummer and possibly even the lead singer.  I guess we'll just have to use our imagination to figure out which.

Again, as Google has did a number on my photo posting this is the only photo of the piece.   As always, I will look forward to your comments.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Big Bear

Here's a new one I just finished carving Friday.  Hopefully, I can get him finished up before the show in Ohio next month.

With the base he stands approximately 18" and is quite an impressive piece, especially once he's got some color to him.  I'm sure the main feature on him will be the drum.  I made it just like a real one with a piece of leather stretched over a wooden frame and tied in the back.  I did this by drawing out the leathers shape on a chammy, allowing lots of length to the
tie strips, soaking it and having Judy hold the wooden frame in place while I pulled, stretched, and tied the matching leather strip on the other side.  Believe me...it takes two people to do this.
 Once dry the leather is nice and tight and presents a nice surface to paint on.  I outlined the design with a gel pen then painted in the colors.  Lastly I use some white on a dry brush to indicate wear in the middle of the drum head where the drum sticks would hit. 

As Google has did a number and discontinued the Picasa site where I had all my albums I've decided to only post photos on the actual Blog post vs. in a Gallery album.  Hopefully they will eventually fix the problems and I can resume posting more photos.  As the videos are hosted on Vimeo they are not affected in any way. 

So, I hope you like this fella and will look forward to your comments as I always do. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gallery Photos - What A Mess!

Google, in their unknown wisdom, has decided to shut down web hosting on the Picasa site and switch everything over to Google + photos.  I have added a new link to the "Blog Photo Gallery" button which takes you to that site but once there I know you will have problems trying to find individual albums associated with the posts.  For that I'm truly sorry but I have no control over the new structure of this site so please, please don't ask me how to go about finding something there as I'm having the same problem and still haven't figured it out.   Hopefully, as everyone using the old Picasa is having the same problems adapting they will fix things soon.  In the meantime I guess we just have to buck up and suffer.   Sorry!