Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Road Agent - Carving Part Finished

Clearly, to me anyway, this is going to be one of the best I've completed so far.  I just hope the paint job turns out as well as the carving did.  I modified my original idea in how to do the scarf ad while it appears a little shiny now it will be a lot flatter once finished.
To make the scarf I had originally thought of using a nylon piece of cloth soaked with super glue.  But that glue sets much too fast to really allow any forming.  So I soaked the cloth in Mod Podge and  formed it using clothes pins.  Took several applications to get the exact shape I was after as I waned it to hang natural.  I think it looks pretty good and should even look better once it's locked in place.
I decided to go ahead and use the base I had on hand but I cut and added an additional piece to the bottom to make it more massive and stable.  He is held in place with a 3/8" dowel painted flat black.
So, he's not headed to the paint table to get some color.  Will use dark colors to maintain the sinister look.   Hope you like him so far and your comments are welcome as always.  More photos in the Gallery.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Road Agent

With the shower leak finally taken care of I've been able to get back down to the shop and get started roughing out this hombre.  I decided to do him as a bust as I thought the lower part of the figure wouldn't really add that much interest to the piece and also, busts seem to be in demand more than full figures at the moment.

With the base in the photo, which might not be the final one, he stands just about 15" tall.  As I've said before...larger figures draw more attention than smaller ones and I want mine to stand out and above any others they might have to compete with.  The next step will be the addition of the arms and the mask.  I'm going to try something new with the mask by making it out of  cloth  but treating it in such a way that it will be the most interesting part of this figure.  At least I hope so. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ways of doing things so if this idea works it has all kinds of possibilities and if it works out I'll tell you how I did it.

One thing I want to mention is that the video production unit will be on standby for a while while I try and get caught up in the shop.  There are a lot of empty spaces on the Out West Gallery shelves due to recent sales so if I want to have something to show at Dayton I have to get busy.  Also, I've decided to move the Sheepherder project off the burner for the time being.  Hopefully, I can get back to it in the not to distant future.  Naturally I'll keep you posted with photos and updates on the new figures I'm working on as they progress out of the shop and into the Gallery.

Anyway, I hope you like this new figure.  I think he'll definitely be a classic.  As always your comments are appreciated.   More photos in the Gallery section.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Done Gone Under - Finished!

Finally!  With all the projects going on around our spread at the moment I actually found the time to finish this little scene.  I think it turned out real well even if I did have to change a few of the original ideas I had back when I started.  Some always ask how long does something like the take to finish?  Well, I did the coffin about 4 years ago so it takes a while before some of these things finally take root and sprout.   There are a lot more photos in the Gallery and your comments are always welcome.
On a different but sort of associated note......A recent comment was received complaining about how I show some things but never seem to finish or get back to them.  A couple cases in point would be the WW2 head study and the recent Road Agent post.  Well, here's the way it is and the way it will continue to be:  I work at my own pace.  My interests wax and wane depending on a number of things.  Sometimes I'll see or think of  an idea that I will think will be a great carving then completely forget about it and move along with something else.  I've always wanted to do a piece with a soldier and I did that head just for a glimpse of what it might look like.  Maybe someday I'll get enthused about it again but not for a while.  The Road Agents head is setting partially done on my work bench but it too might have to wait while I hope to get started on the Sheepherders scene.  Would really like to get that one done before the Dayton show this year.    So, there you have it.  The purpose of this blog is to share with those of you who are interested in what I'm doing and what I might do.   No apologies...just trying to let you know how my creative process works. 

Now, back to that shower leak!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Haven't Forgotten You!

A number of you have ask why we've stopped posting.  Well, we've had a major house failure due to a leaky shower drain which has been keeping us occupied for the past week and will probably take another week at least to clear up.   We blame it all on having too much fun on vacation.  Please have patience ..... we promise to get back to carving and posting as soon as we can.  Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Chuck's On Boys!

Finally got him all painted up.  Turned out quite well I think.  There are a whole bunch of photos in the gallery.  As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.