Sunday, April 27, 2008

Granny's Dog!

This morning I made Granny's dog and the object of his interest! This should fill up the area on the left hand side of the scene and also create a new point of interest. Fido will be attached to a taunt leash which Granny is holding in her hand. I think it will look real neat once it's painted.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Granny Gets A Tattoo!


Now, if this works out it will be a really funny scene. Granny is standing out in front of the local Tattoo Parlour contemplating the "Today's Special". I know what that special will be but won't give it away until I get the building built. Granny has her umbrella, her purse and you'll note that I've given her ear-muffs as it's a little chilly outside. She has a Fox stole wrapped around her neck and is wearing rubber galoushes. I think a cat at her feet might be a nice touch but that would move her into the group category instead of the character in a scene. Have to think about that some more. I used decorative nails for bottons on her coat.

April 25: I've been busy building Granny's Tattoo Parlor. Got the basic shape made and the mount completed. Now comes all the smaller details. There will be a fire hydrant at the open end of the sidewalk and I've thought about a dog doing his business but have issues with it being in poor taste. Any suggestions. Also, a cat curling around Granny's legs keeping an eye on that canine might be interesting. Have pretty well figured out all the signage.The big shop window and the one on the door will be made from lexan but you won't be able to see all the way through them. Probably covered with the signage. The sidewalk will be concrete with maybe a little snow along the edges of the building being as Granny has her woolies on.
As I mentioned, I've fixed the window openings so that a piece of lexan can be inserted followed by another piece which will have some signage. You can't see through most shop windows these days as they are all plastered with signs.
So, the project continues. There are a few more photos in the Gallery. Comments welcome as always.

The Texas Skip

Put the finishing touches on this fella today. I must say that he turned out really well. I only had to epoxy the wire rope into his right hand as it fit just perfect in his left. I was hoping for that as when people touch it, even though you tell them not too, they do and that finger would break if there was glue involved. This way the rope will just slip out of the space between the two fingers.
I have no doubt that this is a winner as the figure is doing something other than just standing there. There's action is just about anywhere you look.
I hope you like him. Please leave a comment in the comment box. Thanks.
Lots of photos in the Gallery.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Doing The Texas Skip

This is a figure I've been working on for quite a while. I first got the idea up at the Kansas City Woodcarving show. It portrays a cowboy, spinning his rope. The Texas Skip is the action of spinning the rope parallel with the body and jumping or skipping through it as you move it back and forth. It's a fairly difficult move and I have yet to accomplish it. One of these days though I will do it.

I've got the rope made but will not put it with the figure until the piece is painted. It ought to look pretty impressive once that rope is suspended and spinning.

Lots of photos in the gallery.

Making Granny's Glasses

Several of you ask me to show you how I made Granny's spectacles so here is the steps I took to do it. It's really very easy.
Lots of photos in the Gallery.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Country Doctor - Finished

Finally got this guy painted this afternoon. With the grass growing and a new horse on the property it's hard to find the time to set down and do something.
I pretty well described him in the earlier post so I won't expand on it here. He's a nice looking little guy and will probably sell pretty quick. He's the perfect size for a Purchase Award category.
Hope you like him. Comments always welcome and there are some more photos in the gallery.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Country Doctor

Here is a small carving of a Country Doctor I just finished. I have done a similar figure a couple of times before and posted some photos of them a few posts back. This one stands about 7" tall not counting the base. Funny, I was seriously considering reducing the size of my figures beginning with this one but after the positive results of the Wichita show I guess I'll stick with the larger size.
While this was not necessarily a difficult project compared to others it was not really that enjoyable as there was no real challenge to it. I've found that when you try to do something over and over or just to repeat something it never really turns out as well as the first attempt.
I've included photos of the sides and back of the figure in case you might want to try one yourself. The hat and cane shaft were done seperately. To hold the cane shaft I drilled a 1/8" hole in the ball held by the hand and put a metal pin made from a wire brad into the bottom of the shaft thats inserted into the base. That way it can't be pulled off.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Clean Sweep In Wichita!

I was very fortunate to take Firsts in all the Caricature categories at the Great Plains Woodcarving Show in Wichita, Kansas this past weekend. "Sad End To A Bad Year" won the Single Figure in a Scene, "Deets" for Single Figure, "A Cowboy's Pony" for Animal Figure, and "Distant Drums" for Group. "War Bonnet" only managed a Second place ribbon as there was no Bust category for caricature so it was entered into the Miscellaneous catch-all group. "Distant Drums" also received the Caricature Merit Award and even managed to walk away with "Best of Show". Needless to say I'm quite proud to see my work recognized in such a way. Tom Brown was the Judge.
The show was one of the best organized events we've attended for quite some time. Over 70 tables and attendance was way up. Randy Landen, the show Chairman, deserves a firm pat on the back.