Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don Quixote in the Raw

I was ask to publish some photos of the piece to help others figure out what is going on with proportions, etc., so here he is.  Lots more photos in the Gallery.

The Texican - "You Called Me A What?"

Fixed this fella to his base this morning.  I guess he turned out pretty good but I'm not that really impressed with him.  Guess it was all that hoop-la over at that other place.  Anyway, hope you like him.  There are more photos in the Gallery and your comments are welcome.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don Quixote - Part 17

Just about done.  With this segment we start wrapping things up before we can head to the paint table.  One thing though....Judy missed me putting glue to the left arm and putting it into place.  I'll make sure I cover that when we put the next arm in place.  And about that big belly....That's not fat...that's good living!!

Don Quixote - Part 17 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Texican-First Look!

When they say "Don't Mess With Texas!" I guess they were talking about this mean-tempered fella.   This carving was prompted by a small brewhaha over on the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine carvers forum where a member wondered why he was called a Racist because he'd referred to himself as being a "Texican".   Evidently the hair on the back of one of the forum's moderators  stiffened to the point that he thought he'd better douse the flames by shutting down the discussion before we all started throwing things.  Ridiculous!  Here in Oklahoma we call those Texicans things a lot worse than racist but they know it's all meant in good fun and no shots are fired across the Red River because of a few words.

Anyway, hope to get this guy painted today and looking forward to fleshing him out with "All Things Texan"!  And I know what he got that medal for and it ain't purdy!

Hope you like him and there are a couple more photos in the Gallery.

P.S. Also, if you want to offer honest opinions and post your carving photos without worry about them being pulled because someone might think they're Racist you're invited to join the Out West Possee Face Book page.  The link is up there on the right.

Just is NOT a gun free zone so watch what you say!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Woolaroc Museum Receives The Carvings

Aside from my marriage to Judy and the birth of our two sons, today was just about the next biggest day in my life.  This morning Judy and I delivered the three scenes that the museum acquired for their permanent collection.  In the photo below is, from the right, Robert Kane; Chairman, Phillips 66,  Ken Meek; Museum Director, Bob Fraser; CEO and Operations Officer for the Frank Phillips Foundation, and me; Hayseed from Jay, Oklahoma.  After the carvings were placed in their cases I just stood there for a while, completely dumbfounded that something I did would remain permanently surrounded by the works of Charles Russell, Frederick Remington, Thomas Moran, Joe Beeler and numerous other noted western artists of the past and preset.  Wow!

There are quite a few other photos in the Gallery and I apologize for the movement in some of doubt caused by the amount of nervousness on Judy's and my part.   So, if someday you happen to be heading down US60 west out of Bartlesville, OK, make a left turn onto Oklahoma 123 and drive southwest a few miles to see about 5 years of my life.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black Buffalo - Finished!

Put the final touch to this piece this morning and while it turned out just as I had planned it sure was good to get it off the workbench and next door in the Gallery.

The trickiest part of this one was the necklace.  I had originally though about prepainting everything before assembly but then thought, being as the teeth, the robe and the necklace fur are all pretty much the same color I'd just paint them once it was together.  To set the claws, once the fur was textured I cut the slots for each claw which was numbered along with the slot.  When setting them I started with a back claw, working my way forward and around, drilling a small hole in each one for the wire which holds the beads.  Had to do it this way so the wire would match without any kinks.  Once the epoxy was dry I strung the beads which are held on the wire with superglue.  Then it was off to the paint table.

For the drops off the headress, the ermine tails were carved, doweled and inserted into place, the ribbons were made from Tupelo which was first, boiled, twisted into place, and then clamped until dry.  After that they were removed and painted and then doweled and glued in place.

The war club was in two pieces with leather decoration on one end and a pounded brass point on the other.  The decorative nail head are just paint dots.  The cloth trailer on the back of the headress is another piece of Tupelo with added wooden buttons.  I put a drop of epoxy on the top of the painted nail heads which gives the appearance of beads.   The base is walnut.

This was a great project resulting in, what I think is a great piece which I'll probably hang onto for a bit.  It will look good setting next to the Warbonnet bust.

Lots of photos in the Gallery and your comments are always appreciated.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Road Agents at Prairie Dawg Junction

And here is the last one.  Nothing to fix here.  As soon as those two Bandits get through lifting those poor travelers of their belongings the coach can continue on it's way to the museum.  There are a lot of new photos in the gallery and while you're checking them out note the Bandit on the horse.  Judy sat on a saddle in the shop wearing a slicker while I whittled the folds of the coat.   Another little note is that I think the riderless horse in front is the best one I've ever done.  While it might not show, the inside of the coach is also detailed.

The Gold Nugget Saloon

Just finished tuning up this piece prior to delivering it to the Museum.  About the only thing it needed was a new bed upstairs.  Evidently Diamond Lil was so busy up there that the bed springs gave way.  Either that or it suffered a pretty hard bounce on it's way some where.  I think I'll stick with the first reason.....a much better story.   Lots of photos in the Gallery.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Medicine Show

Here's is one of the three that the Woolaroc acquired for their permanent collection.  Believe it or not, I only took one photo of it when it was finished years ago!  So, bringing it home to give it a tune up before turning it back over to the museum gave me a chance to make a complete photographic study of the piece.

I don't think there is a need to explain what's going on in the scene as the stories about Medicine Shows in the old west is pretty familiar to everyone. I added an extra chapter to the tale on the back side of the wagon where two hungry vultures are waiting for the full affect of the hawkers tonic on the poor sod passed out on the ground.  To give you an example of the power of this wonder juice just look at what it did to the back step of the wagon.

There are quite a few photos in the Gallery and I hope you like this one as much as I do.  It was a real hit at the recent museum show.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bear Claw Necklace & War Club

I finished up his Bear Claw Necklace and the war club this afternoon.  On the necklace I used some small wooden beads to separate the claws which really add interest to that detail.  On the club I took a piece of brass and a ball peen hammer and then beat the H out of it to give it a chipped flint appearance.  Turned out pretty realistic looking.  I'll add horse hair scalp locks to the end of the handle and brass nails to the front once it's painted.  I also made some feather and cloth attachments that will go on the back of the headdress but  none of that will be put together until the very end.  
So far he's looking pretty threatening which is just how I want him.  Hope you approve. 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Don Quixote-Part 14

We finish up the trunk of the body.

Don Quixote - Part 14 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.

Black Buffalo

Here's another one that has been setting on the counter for much too long.  I turned the base this morning and burnt the fur on the robe and the bear claw necklace so the next steps will be to....

1. Figure out just what he's holding.
2. Cut the openings for the claws. I've already carved them.
3. Carve inserts to go in front of and behind the braids.
4. Paint.
5. Insert and fix the claws permanently in place.

This is a pretty large piece....standing about 17" with the base.  There will be some designs and pictographs on the robe so he should really be a colorful piece.  Hope you will agree.

Osage County Cowboy

Well, it took about 6 months but I finally finished him yesterday.  Still trying to clear off the work counter so I can move on to some new projects.  As I've picked up a few new collectors from the show at Woolaroc I titled this one to reflect the county that the museum is located in.  I'm pretty certain someone will like that.

Anyway, hope you like him as once he gets some color and all the associated details, i.e., lasso, reins, etc. he should be a pretty spiffy wrangler.