Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don Quixote in the Raw

I was ask to publish some photos of the piece to help others figure out what is going on with proportions, etc., so here he is.  Lots more photos in the Gallery.


  1. I can see the proportions in these pictures -- they are perfect!

    Another excellent piece and a great tutorial for your admiring followers.

    Thanks Lynn and please give our thanks to Judy!


  2. So far so good. I noticed that you stained the base. Is that walnut?Looks good too. Ginny

  3. Lynn, he is looking GREAT, thanks for posting the pictures. Not sure I can get the arms, he just might have to do without them...I like the extra base you added it makes it look more proportionate, thanks again.

  4. He certainly does look forlorn! Love it! I have really been enjoying the videos!

    I really have a hard time with the are you a robot things at the bottom when you try to leave a comment