Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Texican-First Look!

When they say "Don't Mess With Texas!" I guess they were talking about this mean-tempered fella.   This carving was prompted by a small brewhaha over on the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine carvers forum where a member wondered why he was called a Racist because he'd referred to himself as being a "Texican".   Evidently the hair on the back of one of the forum's moderators  stiffened to the point that he thought he'd better douse the flames by shutting down the discussion before we all started throwing things.  Ridiculous!  Here in Oklahoma we call those Texicans things a lot worse than racist but they know it's all meant in good fun and no shots are fired across the Red River because of a few words.

Anyway, hope to get this guy painted today and looking forward to fleshing him out with "All Things Texan"!  And I know what he got that medal for and it ain't purdy!

Hope you like him and there are a couple more photos in the Gallery.

P.S. Also, if you want to offer honest opinions and post your carving photos without worry about them being pulled because someone might think they're Racist you're invited to join the Out West Possee Face Book page.  The link is up there on the right.

Just remember....it is NOT a gun free zone so watch what you say!


  1. Wow, even John Wayne would be proud of this fella. I bet the tooth fairy got a few teeth that day. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. I like him a lot.....he is mean and ornery and ready for a fight it looks like...sort of how I feel and look before my morning coffee. Great expression on that mug and I know the paint will elevate him even further. Thanks for sharing him and BTW I enjoy the OutWest Posse as well.

  3. Lynn, you forgot to post the pictures in the gallery.Are you stirring the pot......

  4. People are the funest things.Are us it say the funest things
    Ilove the carving as usual
    I'm a Texan and proud of it. Ginny.

  5. WOW! NICE! I LOVE his expression!