Monday, June 22, 2020

Finally, Some New Pieces!

Boy, this virus has really slowed everything down to a slow crawl.  Yesterday I finally received the nameplates for the remaining pieces that I have done since the first of the year.  So I brought them all over to the shop to take their photos and to box up a couple.  While some are already on the Out West website, hopefully I can now get the rest up.  The horse over there on the left has already left for his new home in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Thanks for stopping by.   As always, comments welcome and appreciated.  

Monday, May 25, 2020

Charlie Yellowhorse

Not much new with this one other than in bringing this figure over to the shop to get his photo taken, I noted that the peace medal didn't show up very well so it looks like he will be making a small detour to the paint table to make make those details a bit more visible.  

Hope you like him.  Comments welcome as always.   

Angora Chaps - Again?

I know, I know...I've covered the subject of this Cowboy detail countless times but I just can't get enough of those chaps.  This time I at least made them a different color so some credit should be given for that!

In a previous video I made the comment that if at all possible you should never lay your carving tools aside for a long period or you might pay for it once the desire to carve something returns.  This fella was a clear case of that.  It seemed like he just did not want to exit from that block of Heineke wood!  So, if you're kicked back in that recliner while your knives are growing cold and dull, get up and strop them back in shape.  There's a figure out there waiting to be brought to life. 

Comments welcomed as always. 

The Plainsman

Having recently watched the movie "The Plainsman", starring Gary Cooper, I noted what a neat buckskin shirt he was wearing.  So, borrowing that detail I came up with this carving.  I think looking at it you can see that there are many miles on this traveler of the west and he has witnessed some pretty remarkable events during the time he spent there.  

I hope you like him and look forward to any comments you might have. 

Carving a Native American Bust Video Series

It's been quite a while since I've made a Blog Post here let alone a video series so let's try and correct that.  I haven't decided on a name for this piece yet but there are 15 videos in the series on how I made it.  Here is the link to the first one which is on Youtube.

As an added the Vimeo video hosting service seems to be losing access to a number of my older videos, I've decided to post any future videos directly to Youtube with the hope they'll remain there without any future problems.  

I hope you enjoy the new series and will look forward to any comments as I always do.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Gambler

Here's is one I'm just about ready to wrap up the carving stage.  I had done an earlier one but wasn't satisfied with the way it turned out so started over again.  I still have to add a tied knot to his neck piece which will be a seperate piece due to it being fragile.  This one looks like it should turn out okay. 

 Hope you like him and comments are always welcome.  

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Meeting Up With Some Old Friends

The other day I received an email from a friend out in California inquiring about several of my carvings he found in a Flea Market.  I think these were also carved back around 1998.  That was back in my "Closed Eyes" period!  Considering they're at least 20 years old they've really held up nicely...not a speck of dust that I can see and the colors are still bright and clean.  A great reminder of how Boiled Linseed Oil should NEVER be used as a finish.  Gawd only knows the shape they'd be in had I done that.  I won't tell you what he paid for them other than that he got a REALLY GOOD deal.  Did I say a REALLY GOOD deal?  You betcha! 

 I'm pretty sure I remember who originally bought them as he also bought the scene in my last post here.  He was a fairly old fella back then and a couple years ago he contacted me to see if I wanted to buy his collection back.  Well, as Charlie Russell once said when asked how he felt about seeing his paintings and sculpture go, "I raised my children to leave home!"  I told him I really wasn't interested in seeing mine come home again.  One thing for certain though, from the way they look I raised them right!  While it's a little sad to see a collection of my work busted up it's nice to see they went to someone who I know will appreciate them as much as the original owner.  Knowing what a REALLY GOOD deal he got he probably appreciates them a lot more!!  One thing to note is that old fella had a great collection of my work other than the ones here so keep your eye out you too might get one of those REALLY GOOD deals!

Comments always welcome.  

It Wasn't So Bad Till He Put the Socks In!

Here's one from way back to the PD  (Pre-Digital) days.  I think I did this one in the mid-90's and it was quickly sold to a fella out in California.  Matter of fact...we drove it out to him as I had just recently shipped a large scene to another collector out there and it arrived almost destroyed by UPS.  I had even paid to have it professionally packed by Postnet.  Some packing!!  After that experience I developed my own packing system and have never again experienced any problems. 

I really enjoyed building the windmill, complete with a scale model of the fan and vane mechanism.  Judy, while being a little hesitant, came down to model for the figure. She also made the barbed wire for the fence.  I painted the interior surface of the stock tank a very dark greenish blue and then poured in a layer of clear acrylic resin for a great effect.  A couple of chickens and socks finished things up.  The title of the piece comes from the conversation the two horses are having. 

It's really fun seeing some old friends after a long absence. In the next post I'll show you a few more.  

Comments welcome!


"Pepe" is a new version of Mexican bust I've carved quite a few times before.  He stands 14.5 inches with the walnut base.   There is a video series on how to carve a similar one.  Just click on "Mexican" over on the right side Label section and then look for "Pancho Video Project".

 Hope you like him.  Comments welcome. 

Sweet Grass

Here's a new little lady, fresh off the workbench.  I think she turned out great.  She's 12.5 inches including the walnut base.  I goofed up and dented her nameplate so I'll have to order a new one.  I hope you like her and always look forward to your comments.