Friday, March 30, 2012

Man of the Mountains

Here's the latest.  Started painting him this afternoon and I think he's going to be a real winner.  Dressed in a Racoon hat and a red capote made from a Hudson Bay trade blanket and smoking a clay pipe. Large too...around 14" with the walnut base.  I really like working in a larger scale cause the carving is so much cleaner with the larger cuts and it give you so much more area to detail.

Hope you like him so far and there are more photos in the gallery which Google has gone and changed again.  Wish they would just leave it alone.  But it's free so I'd better shut up.  Comments welcome.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 14

Had a little trouble uploading this one so it’s in two parts. 

A Disgruntled Woodcarver

As you might have read, over the past couple of days one of the followers of this blog is a little upset about the gaps between posts in the Buffalo Soldier video series.  He just dropped off another missive which I'll post here as he seems to get pleasure from letting everyone know how mistreated he feels.  So here it is and let us all know what you think about it:

"Hey, Lynn! Just shut up and carve old man. What do you think people come here for; your good looks or to hear stories about your family vacations; NO, they come here for the free, poor quality video tutorials….even (name removed by me); especially (name removed by me). He can’t even afford to buy a decent piece of basswood let alone pay for a professional quality DVD tutorial on woodcarving.

The videos and slide shows are the only reason people come here, whether they’ll admit it or not, and when you’re not posting them your wasting our time. So get over yourself old man. There’s nothing interesting or attractive about your personal life that draws us here; it’s the product you produce that’s the attraction. The “free” price tag begins to lose a little of its value with all the BS that comes with it. I would expect that once you get people excited and draw them into a new project you would finish it in a timely, professional manor. But it takes you months to finish a project. And that’s because your “Blog” and it’s followers are your last priority. You posted the first video of “The Buffalo Soldier” on Feb 5th, seven weeks ago, and you still haven’t finished the carving part; and still have the paint to do. And when people occasionally get impatient and move ahead of you on a project and post their finished work on the WCI forum, you get upset.

Just one more thing; I’ll probably continue to come to this site, at my pleasure, and download anything that might be of value to me. And I’ll continue to comment if and when I choose to whether you or anybody else likes it. You’re the one that started this blog and dictated its purpose. Now you need to show a little respect to its followers."  Signed: Chip

I sincerely apologize to the person whose name I removed for having to put up with such childish comments.  If there was some way I could block Chip I would have long ago but unfortunately there isn't.  Like a lot of things in life we just have to put up with it sometimes and go on about our business.   

Monday, March 19, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 12

White Eagle - Finished

This one turned out really nice.  The contrasting colors and texture really make him pop.  I made him an old timer to separate him from the others I've done.   To do that  I painted the hair a dark grey and then came back and dry brushed white over the area.

Hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 11

She’s back!  With Judy back behind the camera we’re in production again.  With this one we go over the details and as an added bonus we’ve included a new freezer delivery! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

White Eagle

Here's a new bust I've been working on while the paints drying on Iron Eagle.  I like doing this little busts as they are certainly easier than a full figure but the best thing is that they sell quite quickly.   Hope you like him.  More photos in the gallery and your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Iron Buffalo - Finished

Put the finishing touches to this redskin this morning and boy am I glad to see him done.  What a project but it turned out really well I think.   Quite a colorful piece.  Hope you like him and your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 10

Well, best laid plans fail again.  I’m back to the old MP4 upload method at least for the moment.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 9

I had to break this one into 2 parts as it was pretty long.   Here’s Part A:

And here’s part B:

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 7

It’s time to draw a pattern for the body and cut the blank out.  We’re trying to save some wood here so stick with me on this one.   I’ve put the two patterns into the associated album in the gallery.