Friday, March 09, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 10

Well, best laid plans fail again.  I’m back to the old MP4 upload method at least for the moment.


  1. I think you did a fine job without Judy. Give her our best. Ginny

  2. Lynn,

    Those legs are looking good. Not that I go around looking at the legs of other guys. Anyway, the folds are looking natural. It is great seeing how you do that. I have struggled with folds and wrinkles, but I am getting better the more I do. Here's hoping Judy is back with you ASAP.

  3. Thanks for the tips on folds and wrinkles. I think they are one of the most critical factors in giving a human caricature that added "pop" that makes them stand out. The techniques and tips you gave us will help us all improve I am sure, Judy is a gem, so be a good "step and fetch-it" for her during her recovery. Even minor foot surgery is incredibly painful, feet are so sensitive. We all hope she has a full ad rapid recovery.