Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 9

I had to break this one into 2 parts as it was pretty long.   Here’s Part A:

And here’s part B:


  1. I can't imagine being able to carve the detail on the boots and stirrups like you were able t without doing him in halves...really makes a difference. I especially like the details of the folds in his left leg, they add so much to the carving. Please tell us in the next video some tips on placing and arraigning the folds. I am going to make a guy in halves really soon, as soon as i finish my current project (I don;t like working on more than one thing at a time). Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you guys can get some 4-wheeler time in soon, but after all it is still the first part of March and the weather is supposed to be bad. Can't tell it is still winter by looking however....have a great day.

  2. This info is so valuable as to the way you are doing this piece. What a great job Thank you so much , to both of you. fred k

  3. Lynn,
    I very much appreciate you taking the time to show us how you hone your blade. After I had asked you to show us, I was looking back at one of your older videos where you had used a leather strop on a board by hand. I had been doing it that way but always ended up with a duller blade than the manufacturer's edge. So, I was doing some searching and experimenting on my own. For those who are like me, I came across a YouTube video by whittler0507 (Gene) who used an Ultimate Power Sharpener sold by - Gene's knife is very sharp also. Watching Gene and Yuo, Lynn - both are very similar in technique. Again, thank you very much.
    As for the Stanley No.199 - I just did a search one Ebay (as of today 03/08/12)and the least expensive was like $7 plus $9 s&h. I also came across a comapany - - who sells them for new for $9 but is having a sale on them down to $4.99 plus shipping. If you select More Carriers for a list of shipping and choose USPS Priority, shipping for me in Pennsylvania would only be $5.63 making the purchase price $10.63 for those interested. Here is the link
    Their product code is STA-10-209
    The last thing is the edge - a quick filing to round off that edge that cuts your finger on the blade might help. :)
    I know this post is wordy - but, I hope that I am able to help by giving back to others.
    Thanks again, Lynn

  4. I have a question. This is not a criticism, just an observation based on the formula you use, and explained in a previous video, to determine various body proportions of a caricature figure. You used the figure of “Deets” as an example. Based on the proportions you explained it appears that the body of the buffalo soldier is going to be too large for the head you've carved. Maybe it’s my eyes or the camera angle but it appears that the legs and boots are too big and thick for the size of the head based on the proportions you typically use for caricature figures. Are you going for a different look with this figure or am I just not seeing it right?

  5. Lynn's fans:

    Post 9B isn't available to me. My subwindow shows "Sorry This video does not exit" and has done for several days. Anyone able to capture and store that video? Anyone willing to share it with me?

    LMiller (on Woodcarving Illustrated)