Friday, May 28, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 16 – Wrapping Things Up.

He’s finished!   Here are the last two parts of this video series.   I hope you enjoyed making the journey with me and I hope that if you decide to try your hand at your own figure you will be as please with your efforts as I am.

I’ve placed all the photos of Monte I took in the video into the gallery album and I look forward to your comments about how you think the piece turned out.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 15 – Painting & Attaching Things

I had hoped to get this wrapped up with this post but that idea just didn’t work out.  So… will take one more after this one.  Comments welcome.
Oh, one more thing.  Don’t pay any attention to whats written on my T-Shirt….I’m really a likeable guy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monte Walsh - Part 14 - Painting the Longjohns & Neckerchief

With this one we pretty well finish applying paint to Monte.  Hopefully, in the next video we’ll wrap this project up and start planning the next one. 
I misspoke in describing mixing the colors for the neckerchief in that I said that light brown was transparent when I really meant to say opaque.   I think the video shows pretty clearly what I meant but just wanted to make sure.  Anyway, here’s part 14 and any comments are always welcome.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 13 – Painting the Shirt

To get the texture of the shirt that Monte is wearing I try something a little different.  Kind of risky sometimes to try something new but most times the results are well worth it as I think they are in this case. 
Some of you have mentioned that you like the way I include the mistakes I make.  I’m glad as I want you to see the entire process…mistakes and all as we all make them.  Maybe my digging my way out of a problem I created will help you put the shovel to some you might face.
Anyway, here’s part 13 and your comments are welcome as always.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 12 – Painting the Chaps, Gun & Holster

Here are four videos on painting the Chaps, Gun & Holster…..mistakes and all.  While I could have edited out my screw-ups I think its best to show the “whole” process rather than try and gloss over the things that we all experience at one time or another.  Anyway, here they are:





Should you have any comments I’m always glad to hear them. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 11 – Painting the Jeans & Boots

Monte gets a set of Levis and some Lucchese boots in this video.  Just painting these small areas took over 20 minutes some some of the upcoming painting videos might be broken up into several parts as I want to give you the complete picture of how I go about choosing and blending colors to get various effects.


Will hopefully get the chaps segment started tomorrow.  That will be the best part of painting this figure.

Comments always welcome.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 10-A&B – Painting The Head

The head took two separate videos to complete so here they are:


Monte Walsh – Part 9 – Painting The Hat

I’m going to divide the figure up and post a video on each part I paint at one time.  That way you can see in detail how each area is painted.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 8 – Almost there!

Believe it or not the carving part of this project is finished!    While we did have a minor flub and lost some video while making this segment I think there is enough information to give you a complete picture of the steps taken so far.


In the next part we’ll head over to the paint table to bring this character to life.  As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Issues

As you may have noticed, the Comments section of this Blog has been going through some changes over the past couple of days.  The reason for this is that a couple of posters out there have been crossing the line by assuming they can dictate how things should be done by the rest of us.  That's too bad and unfortunate.  On an average day around 250 individual viewers stop by to check out what is going on.  Now, because of these two people, I have to change the open atmosphere we've enjoyed in the past to a more restricted one.
I have changed the Comment section to require that only those with Google Accounts can leave a comment.   This will do away with the "Anonymous" comments that were posted before.  It will require you to set up a Google account but that only takes a few minutes and just might come in handy with other sites you visit.  I know I use my account several times a day doing a variety of things on the web.  You can sign up for an account right from the Comment box.
Hopefully, this extra requirement will cure the "anonymous" problem.  If it doesn't the only thing left would be to do away with the Comment section of the Blog completely.  That really would be a shame.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 7- Right Arm Wrap-up!

First, let me say I’m sorry about the delay with the posts lately.  But like most of you I’m sure, Spring brings a deluge of projects other than woodcarving to occupy ones time and this year it seems we have more than usual.   We’ve managed to accomplish most of them and have a handle on the rest so we managed to get back into the shop today to do another video on Monte.  We’re heading down the homestretch now so there shouldn’t be too many more to go after this one. 


As always, most of your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  However, as you can see by a couple just posted on Part 6  occasionally some are received that aren’t.   Judy and I enjoy doing this in the hope and belief that it will in some way be of benefit to others who are interested in how we do things.  We’re certainly not getting rich with the few tips we  receive nor are we raking it in from the advertisements that appear here…today we made .59 cents!    While the video below might not be worth much I think it’s at least worth .59 cents. 


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 6 – The Right Arm

Well, Judy is just about finished with all the mowing so I guess I’d better turn off the Western Channel, put away the remote and try to look busy!


With this episode we’ll start with that right arm …. the one holding the cigarette.  It’s promises to be an adventure as I haven’t done a hand in that position.  As it’s a little more involved it will take at least two videos considering I have a tendency to get a little windy.  You can find the pattern for the arm in the Monte Walsh album.