Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 15 – Painting & Attaching Things

I had hoped to get this wrapped up with this post but that idea just didn’t work out.  So… will take one more after this one.  Comments welcome.
Oh, one more thing.  Don’t pay any attention to whats written on my T-Shirt….I’m really a likeable guy.


  1. Great work as usual, and the vedio gets an A+.. I liked your shirt too. Thanks again for your guidance.

  2. I was going to get me a shirt like yours and see if it would improve my carving... until I read the footnote! Chuckling.

  3. Another neat video Lynn. I'm surprised you didn't hear me hollering....don't do it Lynn...don't glue that gun on till you attach those conchos...I yelled loud enough that my wife herd me and came in looking to see if I'd gone crazy. Any way it worked out nicely, another job well done. Thanks for sharing.