Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lizzie Bear Foot - Finished

With the visitors and the turkey just a fond memory, I was finally able to set down and finish Lizzie.  I think she turned out pretty well.  Certainly like the new fur texture over the old.  One little trick I tried this time was to put a small drop or dollop of epoxy on the hanging beads with really bring them to life over just paint alone.  You can see it in the close ups.
Still trying to come up with a new video project that will appeal to a wider audience maybe than just Cowboys & Indians.  Don't mind drifting off those subjects once in a while but don't like to stray too far.  Have gotten lots of requests for a Cowboy Santa but that subject has been way to overdone already.  Any suggestion?
Anyway, hope you like the lady and there are more photos in the Gallery.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lizzie Bear Foot

As I mentioned earlier, while in Dayton I hoped to set down with Jim Willis to get some instruction on creating fur.  Here's a short video I made while Jim did all the work.  Sorry about all the noise in the background but the show was a big one with lots of people.   Also,  take a moment to visit Jim's website to see some excellent work.  He’s one of the best!  Here's that link:  www.wildlife-woodcarver.com. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dayton Artistry In Wood Show

Please don't go by the expression on my face about how I really feel about this award...the photo was taken while I was still recovering from the shock of receiving it!   What an honor.   You can bet that plaque will occupy the most prominent and highest place on my Gallery wall!  Wow!
We had a great show this year as did most who attended.  According to the hosts attendance was close to 3000 the first day and while it was down on Sunday it was still pretty crowded in there.  I managed to win a few ribbons and sell a few carvings but that little piece of wood I'm holding over there made the whole trip worthwhile.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Lizzie Bear Foot

Here is one I wanted to get finished but not painted before the Dayton show  so I could hopefully pick up some tips on making realistic fur.  Jim Willis will be there and he is one of the best at carving animals and has agreed to help me out.  Really looking forward to it as I think I need to improve in that area.
This piece is a little more realistic than my normal caricatures as I wanted to see what my normal carving techniques would look like when applied to that  type of figure.  I think she looks pretty good.  When finished she will have an Elks tooth decorated dress along with the beaded strips which haven't been burned yet.  She stands about 17 to 18 inches to the tip of her feather. Will also be quite a bit of painting and detail work on her so she should be a pretty striking figure.
There are a few more photos in the Gallery and your comments are welcome as always.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Cowboy Pony

Here is a pony I just wrapped up today.  After Dayton he's headed to Indiana to help herd any bovines in the area.  While I had a choice of the type of coloring to use I really like the coloring of a Buckskin so that's what he is.  Matt Dillon rode a Buckskin so he comes from a good lineage.
Hope you like him and your comments are appreciated.  More photos in the Gallery.

Muy Caliente - Photos

Finally received the nameplate so here are some photos of the figure.  There is one change that I added after they were taken and that is a gold earring.  I made it out of some heavy aluminum electrical wire and painted it gold.  Then drilled a matching hole in his left lobe and inserted and glued it.

The photos are in the gallery and your comments are always appreciated.