Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lizzie Bear Foot - Finished

With the visitors and the turkey just a fond memory, I was finally able to set down and finish Lizzie.  I think she turned out pretty well.  Certainly like the new fur texture over the old.  One little trick I tried this time was to put a small drop or dollop of epoxy on the hanging beads with really bring them to life over just paint alone.  You can see it in the close ups.
Still trying to come up with a new video project that will appeal to a wider audience maybe than just Cowboys & Indians.  Don't mind drifting off those subjects once in a while but don't like to stray too far.  Have gotten lots of requests for a Cowboy Santa but that subject has been way to overdone already.  Any suggestion?
Anyway, hope you like the lady and there are more photos in the Gallery.


  1. Once again Lynn you've outdone yourself. What a distinguished carving. Your style just gets better and better.

  2. She is a most excellent carving...I bet with her tremendous height she is a real attention grabber.

    For the next project, since you are willing to stray from western...how abut a football player, they have wide appeal and can be customized by everyone to be in their own team uniforms to have personal significance. Another thought is a chef, a personal favorite of mine..what with all the interest in cooking shows and competitions, would again have wide appeal. Anything you come up with I am game for.

    I am currently working on my version of Muy Caliente..and no matter how many times I search the blog and all the picture gallerys with a sombrero on the carving..I cannot find the pattern for the sombrero. I know it is relatively easy to draw, and will make my own if needed..but if you could post your sombrero pattern somewhere it would insure that I get the right proportions.

    Thanks for all you do, and both of you please have a safe and happy Christmas.

  3. I looked again at the pictures in the gallery, and enlarged them to maximum to study...and I am truly astounded at the level of detail you have incorporated in this design. The shells on the bodice of her dress, the beads, the painting details on the skirt, all views and angles have a touch of authenticity and realism that is almost beyond belief that someone could produce it with a knife and a paintbrush. Well done for sure Lynn..This is a great carving from a great carver. Now don't get too swelled a head or Judy won't be able to pull it out of the frame of the next video by yanking on your hair...Merry Christmas my friends..Merry Christmas.

  4. Lynn,

    Most excellent work with Lizzie!!!

    Suggestions for future projects: possibly a few more of those towns folks in your series that included the Mayor, his beautiful bride, the undertaker, etc. I would love to meet the baker, the black smith, the store keeper, the telegraph agent, the rail road engineer, the shop keeper, the school teacher, the preacher, the doctor -- the list is limited only by the time spent listing them!

    No matter what you choose, your fans will enjoy your instructions!

    Thanks Lynn!


  5. Magnificent Lynn!!!
    You had explained in one of your other videos about using the epoxy for the eyes to get the gleam instead of using white paint. I have thought about that alot for some reason and can see that the extra little touch like that is just one other way that one can expand the horizon of the "details" without overdoing it.

    I like Kent's idea of the football player or the chef. You are right about Santa being overdone. Kent's idea just goes to show that he has the "touch" and with a little creative thought, one can turn just about anything into a niche instead of just a Santa.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Judy, Lynn, Kent and all of the subcribers like me who are reading this. :) Jim

  6. As far as "Lizzie" goes, I am pretty much speechless. Great detail, as always.

    I second the telegraph agent suggestion. There is a piece I have been wanting to for a couple of years now. It consists of two separate scenes that are separated by some distance like maybe on opposite ends of a mantle or as book ends.

    Both ends depict a small old timey RR telegraph office (with a rickity, old frame building, dog sleeping under the window, stuff piled everywhere...you know...the whole bit).

    There is message obviously being sent from one station to the other.

    My problem has always been that I've never been able to come up with a good "gag" that can be happening on one end of the line with the the reaction occurring at the other.

    Maybe you can do something with it.

  7. Great job on Lizzie!! As a suggestion I would like to have you do a character wearing a cap. Farmer? or Hunter? Looking forward to the next project!

  8. She's beautiful. So much detail and great color choices! If you do make a Santa, make him the Off-Season Santa. You have done many cooks and the Ranch House cook, so a football player would be good also. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you, Judy, and yours. Thank you.

  9. I love everything you carve no matter what the subject is. I would love to see a video of the Longhorn steer. I have seen all the photos but a video would be great.
    I also love all the super hints you give us. Like puting epoxy on the eyes and the beads on Lzzie. Little things like that really help us all. Maybe a video of your tips and hints would be really good too. Thanks GinnytooU

  10. Fantastic paint job!

    As for the next video, I was hoping you'd do the WWII character you started.

  11. Lynn,
    This carving is a beauty. Your new fur technique does kick it up a notch.

    For ideas for the next video series, how about a lumberjack, or a member of the NWMP - predecessor to the RCMP (forgive me my Canadian is showing). Or you could always put a cowboy up on his horse.

    Whatever you decide will no doubt be a good one.

  12. Lynn,
    Outstanding carving. Seems like you just keep outdoing yourself. I like the idea of the football player, but also the idea of other town folks. Like others have said, anything you come up with will be great. Your videos have helped my carving immensely.

  13. Great job Lynn,
    One of your best!
    For your next project... the soldier sounds good or how about something from the revolutionary war? Different uniforms for sure. Anything will be fine. You load em' up and we'll move em' out!
    May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
    Jeff Bailey