Friday, December 02, 2011

Wall Drug Cowboy Band

Here is something you might find interesting.  This little plaster group of figures was purchased by my parents back in 1949 while we were all on a trip up to the Black Hills.  I'll bet they were even made in the USA!......something that would be unheard of nowadays.   At the Dayton show I mentioned them to my good friend Don Mertz  as since I met Don quite a few years back every time I look at these four guys I think of his carvings.
They stand about 6 inches tall.  I've included back and side views photos of them in the Gallery along with a close up of the faces.  Maybe you'd like to try your hand at making a set of your own.


  1. Pretty good example of 1940's souvenir kitsch....those were the good old innocent days. I had stuff from lots of roadside stores and stands on my bookcase as a was the thing to do to have souvenir from everywhere you went. These guys bring back memories.

  2. Thanx Lynn for sharing. I'm gonna download those pics and give it a try.....or at least put it on my "things to carve list"...I did a 4 piece bluegrass band a while back and had Don Burgdorf help me with a drawing pattern of a bass player. Turned out pretty good, but a good ole country swing band would be ideal. You gotta do one too!