Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fireman – Part 4

With this segment we finish carving the head and take a look as what’s ahead with the helmet.  And I don’t care what some might say I’ll bet anything that there is a Fireman out there somewhere that puffs on a stogy while hosing down a flaming building! 


  1. An excellent looking fireman...that face is so expressive, and the mustache and stogie give him that 1800's look. I hope you dress him in an old uniform, I think that a full figure would be awesome, with the opportunity for high top boots, and a wide flare to the lower edge of his coat. A bust is nice, but a figure is finer. Looking forward t the next installment.

  2. Hehe! Lynn, I agree with Judy ---- I've never seen a fireman with a cigar! But,.... a pipe is a different matter. My stereotype thinking from the older error could envision a pipe that droops like a Sherlock Holmes pipe.
    And... as a beginner, I am learning to appreciate a "sharp" knife. I just want to carve and don't pay attention to the balde becoming duller. When I do sharpen it, it is like night and day. I am forcing myself to sharpen even when I don't have the "feeling" my blade is dull. I guess I am adverse to sharpening because I am not very good at it. As a mental trick I tell myself that if I must sharpen a blade 500 times before I begin to master it, if I sharpen it once before I begin and once when I am half way thru the carving session, it will only take me 250 days to master (as opposed to 500 days if I sharpen it only at the beginning) and I'll have the added benefits of using a sharp blade more during the sessions versus only at the beginning fo the session. I can see how important it is when you are doing your fine detail work on the faces - not like my hack-'em-up style! lol

  3. Lynn,
    Great looking fireman head so far. I like the other face with the mustache and stogie the best. I, too, think that a full figure would be awesome, but realize the demand on time and work. Thank you for sharing.