Friday, December 09, 2011

Making A Kerosene Lantern – Part 4

Kerosene Lantern

We wrap up this little project with this video and I’ll be the first to say that the little lantern we constructed looks pretty snazzy.  Hopefully, you’ll try and make your own version cause a little extra detail like this can really spark up your carvings. 


  1. Good project,and it turned out fantastic. Guess it might be easier to drill ad paint the flame first, would sure be better t screw up at that point than at the very end. You manipulated the odd materials well and have a great accessory to show for it.

  2. Another amazing project that abounds with creativity. Well done!!

    Now that you have two methods of creating these great little lanterns, everything considered, which method do you prefer? For those of us, like myself, without a lathe this method is a definate winner.

    As always, my thanks to you AND Judy for putting these videos together for us folks.


  3. As my carvings are fairly larger I always go for the lathe version as it gives me the opportunity to be even more detailed when creating a lantern. That's not detracting from this little gem one bit though as it's a winner and will no doubt end up on a carving in the future.

  4. I really enjoyed these videos on “Making a Kerosene Lantern”. After watching the 4 videos, I immediately went looking through my odds and ends for some plexrod. All I could find was ¾” and 1”diameters. So mine will be scaled up a bit as I will be using the ¾” dia. Otherwise I would need to order the 9/16” size. I just hope mine turns out half as nice. A few years ago, I made one using the turned method but this new way looks to be a real winner. Thank you so much Lynn & Judy……Myron Compton

  5. Lynn,

    Your creativity is amazing! I would have never thought to use the materials you chose. This was awesome. Thanks for the insight!

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