Monday, December 05, 2011

Fireman – Part 1


I want to thank you for all the really neat ideas and suggestions for the next video series.  I think I’ve got one that you’ll approve of and that will make one of the niftiest carvings we’ve done yet.  We’re going to do a bust of a Fireman.


My good friend Stan Hope up in South Dakota sent me a suggestion and a whole load of reference material on Fireman, both antique and modern.  This project will incorporate details from several different time periods.  I’ll use some details and equipment that might not exactly match up to the correct period but it will make a neat figure. 


Here the link to the material Stan has allowed us to use: 


There is enough here that will allow you to use something different if you want.  It’s all good and we owe our thanks to Stan for putting it all together.


So let’s get started!


  1. Whay a great idea, I really like it. Something different and almost everybody knows a fireman that would appreciate a carved bust.

    Stan, a huge thank you to you for putting all of this reference materail together the 'wheels' are already tuning at warp speed. And Lynn, thanks for sharing all of that material with us out here in 'fan' land.

    All the best for the holiday season.


  2. A good choice of subject....after all, what western town didn't have a fireman hanging around? Most I imagine, but the big cities had a couple anyway. I think he will be neat to look at and fun to do (but I have to finish my version of Muy Caliente first..he is fighting me). I am already thinking the fireman has to be accompanied on the shelf by an old timer policeman in a Keystone Cops helmet type hat..some things just naturally go together. I second the thanks to Stan for the material and the idea...I think it is pretty easy to figure out what Stan's OTHER hobby is..don't you? Judy needs some honey and whiskey for that cough..that combination never failed my grandmother, it always cured her cough...course she caught a new cough pretty quick most times.......

  3. Gee,you were saying, someone said all your carving are alike and was just thinking that with that one head pattern you can carve 100's of different heads!!!

    Great project, don't make the hat to hard.......thanks to Stan also, I think he likes firemen.

    Happy Holidays to Judy and yourself.