Monday, June 27, 2016

Rendezvous Bound 2

Finally!   I thought I would never finish painting this guy but in the end it was worth the effort.  Really like all the bright colors and especially the feathers.  The only problem I can see is that there is so much color it's hard to focus on one area without being drawn to another!

This is a pretty large one, standing at just under 15" with the walnut base.  I originally had his eyes focused straight ahead but changed them to where he's looking slightly off center.  Doing such small changes can really end up having a large affect, just like tilting or turning the head or having a figure stand off to one side.  If you haven't tried these things you should as I think you will be surprised how much better it can make your carvings look.  There are way too many pieces out there where the carvings seem to be standing at attention.  Boring!

More photos in the gallery and I look forward to your comments.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rendezvous Bound - Part 2

Spent yesterday afternoon painting the hat.  Instead of a single feather thought a group of them would look better and add a little pzazz to the piece.  The Turkey feather turned out so nice I'm thinking of changing the name of the piece.

The Blue feather is from a Blue Jay and the Red one from a Red Bird.  I highlighted the hard edges of the top hat to indicate a little wear.

 Here's another photo of the hat on the head, and no, he's not blind just not completely painted.  But it's looking good so far.  The colors of the face and beard are pretty flat and washed out due to their not being varnished.  They'll deepen once that final step is completed.

Hope you like it so far.  No more photos yet.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rendezvous Bound

I think we're having a Rendezvous down at the shop.  Mountain Men all over the place.   Here's the latest.  This one is pretty large compared to what I normally do....14" with the walnut base.  Still have to add the feathers to his top hat and then it's off to the paint table.  Should be a nice one when done.  This is the only photo.

Next up?  A Native American girl with a Elks tooth dress.  At least I hope thats what next.  Have the head done and have been doing a bunch of research to come up with a dress design.

Lots going on around here this summer so the Blog posts have been few and far between it seems.  Once I get that girl started I'll try to take you along for the ride.  Till then stay cool.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Booshway

Here's one that's been on the workbench and paint table for quite a while.  With springtime chores and a planned trip to Jackson, WY, Yellowstone, the Tetons and the Little Big Horn battlefield taking precedence, finding time to do some whittling has been difficult.    We had time to take in the Mountain Man museum in Pinedale, WY which is highly recommended if you're in the area.  Also, Jackson, WY, and the fantastic galleries there is worth a couple days to soak up the current western art scene.  Jackson is such a great little town.  Besides the galleries the history of the place, the restaurants, bars, the city square are just great.  And this trip was really special as Judy gave me a fantastic pre-birthday present of a Dave McGary bronze.    It's titled "Wyoming" and is made up of a buffalo skull, warbonnet, moccasins, pipe bag, a pair of beaded gloves, asix gun and holster, and spurs.  About the only thing missing is the Tetons and Old Faithful.  Beautiful.

Well Google has gone and deep-sixed Picasa so the additional photos of the carving are not on Google +.  And don't ask me how that works as I haven't figured it out yet.  The title of the piece "The Booshway" is a corruption of the word "Bourgeois" which was the word used to signify the company men who were generally in charge of the free-trappers.  This fella looks like he's been around a while.

Anyway, hope you like him and your comments are always appreciated.