Monday, June 27, 2016

Rendezvous Bound 2

Finally!   I thought I would never finish painting this guy but in the end it was worth the effort.  Really like all the bright colors and especially the feathers.  The only problem I can see is that there is so much color it's hard to focus on one area without being drawn to another!

This is a pretty large one, standing at just under 15" with the walnut base.  I originally had his eyes focused straight ahead but changed them to where he's looking slightly off center.  Doing such small changes can really end up having a large affect, just like tilting or turning the head or having a figure stand off to one side.  If you haven't tried these things you should as I think you will be surprised how much better it can make your carvings look.  There are way too many pieces out there where the carvings seem to be standing at attention.  Boring!

More photos in the gallery and I look forward to your comments.


  1. Well , I can tell ya one thing ,he's great. I like the expression. Something about the eyes and the way the beard flows. Great job.

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  3. Really a great piece. He must be left-handed because his beard is all combed to the right. Enjoy everyone of your works. Hoping to own one soon.