Monday, March 05, 2007

Magua, The Huron

With the Kansas City Woodcarving Show coming up the end of March I've been working on a new bust to enter in competition. The other day I was doing some web-surfing and came across Wes Studi's webpage. If you have seen the movie Last of the Mohicians he played Magua, The Sly Fox, a Canadian Huron. The photos of Wes in the character of Magua were just what I was looking for.

This bust is a little larger than normal as I wanted to be able to do a lot of "attachments" and a smaller version wouldn't have been large enough to support all I have in mind. With the base it stands about 10 inches tall. While the photo shows the carving basically finished I still have to add some more feathers, a nose piece and maybe a couple more rings in the ears. I really want this thing to "pop" when the Judge walks by. I spent the afternoon painting the head and believe me when I say it's definitely going to "pop"!

The feathers will be painted to resemble Turkey tail feathers and there will hopefully be a few Blue Jay feathers added to his topnot. The medallion on the chest gorget will have a peace medal in the center with a couple smaller medals on each side. Once I get him painted I will post the completed photos.

Wes Studi's Website: