Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let It Snow!

Believe it or not I finally got around to finishing this character! I didn't take photos of my painting the figure as we have covered this in other posts. If you have any problems with your paint job just drop me a comment and I'll try and answer any question.

The associated photos pretty well explain the process of splattering white paint all over you carving so I don't really need to cover it here. It's an easy process the only real difficulty being getting up the courage to actually do it! But, I've got faith in you so go ahead and flip those bristles!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Woodchopper

This has been a real fun project. I wanted to create a carving showing a Cowboy, who's stuck out in some Line Shack during a cold winter, doing what they surely must have considered the most important chore. I also wanted to try and create the look of pretty deep snow. I have done snow in the past but not this deep and I think it turned out looking pretty good.

I dressed him in my Carhartt jacket, detailed right down to the emblem on the front chest pocket. Unfortunately, the snow storm has pretty well covered it up. Oh well....guess that would have happened in realife. I added a little 1/8" wafer of paneling between the snow and the oak base to give it a revealing break. The snow base you see is a second-effort as the first looked too much like he was standing on a marshmellow. Even looking at it now it sort of looks like a cookie.

I had originally considered having the bandana tied around the hat with the brim pulled down over the ears. However, in trying that out on myself I found that this really gave no protection from the cold so I doubt if they would have done that. A bandana wrapped over the head and ears works good at keeping out the wind and cold.

I hope you enjoy looking this fella over as much as I did creating him. Lots of photos after the jump. Now let's let that wrangler get inside and stoke the stove!