Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Circuit Overload

Feels like I've done this figure a gazillion times but this one is at least a little different.......He's much taller at about 17" not including the umbrella.  One thing I do know though and that is that he won't be around the Gallery very long.  People really seem to like this figure.  The umbrella frame is made from copper wire, the burnt pieces of cloth from scraps of nylon, draped over the frame and then soaked in superglue.  If you try this technique (and PLEASE, don't copy my piece. This one's mine!) make sure you use nylon as cotton becomes brittle with the glue and will break easily. Nylon won't.

I varnished him about 10 times with gloss, water based Poly and then use Testors Dul-Coat to flatten the upper, burnt part.  The puddle he's standing in is just made from a piece of thin plywood and modeled with Bondo.  Once painted I mounted him in position, mixed up some clear epoxy resin and carefully filled up the depression, making sure to get the stuff in and around his boots.  Once everything was set I mixed up some clear 5 minute epoxy glue and applied it to the lariat to indicate dripping water.  Had to set there and constantly reply the drips until it finally set.  Really makes a nice effect.

Hope you like him and there are more photos in the gallery. Comments welcome as always.

The Unknown Cowboy

I did this head yesterday at our weekly carving group.  I'm not really sure what he'll end up being or doing, which explains the 'unknown' designation, but he's looking pretty good so far.  I used a photo in my files as a guide for the expression.  The head is a large one so the figure will also be larger than normal.  As I said in a past post, my eyes just aren't as focused as they used to be so the larger sizes make it a little easier when both carving and painting.  Also, they make a much more impressive carving.

Anyway, I hope you like him so far.  A couple more photos in the Gallery.

Oh.......Judy and I hope to crank up the video production department soon as I'd like to get that figure done before we take off to the Dayton show.