Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dayton Artistry In Wood Show

Please don't go by the expression on my face about how I really feel about this award...the photo was taken while I was still recovering from the shock of receiving it!   What an honor.   You can bet that plaque will occupy the most prominent and highest place on my Gallery wall!  Wow!
We had a great show this year as did most who attended.  According to the hosts attendance was close to 3000 the first day and while it was down on Sunday it was still pretty crowded in there.  I managed to win a few ribbons and sell a few carvings but that little piece of wood I'm holding over there made the whole trip worthwhile.


  1. Congratulations Lynn. It is a well deserved award. What you do for us wanna be carvers is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and congrats again.


  2. Congrats again my Friend on a well deserved award and acknowledgement for what you've done and are doing for us by giving uynselfishly of your talent, ability and crerative genious.

  3. Lynn, very well deserved! Which, if any, carvings from the videos went to new homes? You have to show us your ribbons.


  4. I don't think that you had received the award yet when I met you on Saturday or I would have said something then.

    Since you hadn't, and I didn't, congratulations now! You have earned it!

  5. Great job Lynn! I was glad to get to talk to you on Saturday. I hope everyone got the chance to let you know how much we appreciate all that you and Judy do. The award definately went to the one who deserved it. Congratulations my friend.
    Jeff Bailey

  6. Okay...I don't like to toot my own horn but as you ask here's the list of my ribbons and what I was fortunate enough to sell:

    Animal.. .Cowboy Pony..... 1st
    Over 15" .Top Hand.........1st
    Under 15" .Rise & Shine.....1st
    - .Muy Caliente.....3rd
    Bust .Road Agent.......1st
    - .Surgeon..........3rd
    Group .Done Gone Under..1st
    - .Black Hills Gold.3rd

    Caricature Category Overall..1st
    - .2nd
    Managed to sell:
    The Cowboy Pony
    Black Hills Gold
    The Road Agent
    Bright Feather & Little Wolf

    Now you know why I said it was a great show!! The Pony and Road Agent went to new collectors.

  7. Congratulations on the award, it couldn't have gone to anybody more deserving. You haw positively impacted so many beginning carvers, you have no idea how rare it is for someone to so freely give of their time and knowledge as you and Judy do. You are both greatly appreciated. Congrats on all the ribbons and accolades for the carvings you exhibited, next year they are going to have to crown you King of Dayton.

  8. A sincere thank you from me to both you and Judy for what you do for all. Congratulations to your special award, and I know it will not stop there. fred k

  9. Wonderful!!! But, go on...you can admit.....go on....say it..... Judy deserves the most for the award!!!lol It is just that you are so handsome, that is why the picture was taken of you! lol!!! All kidding aside, it is good to see such recognition as your works of art are simply amazing and I'm sure we all greatly appreciate the time the two of you spend in helping us neophytes. Wood Carver of the Year ----here comes Lynnnnnn!

  10. Congrats Lynn.... Looks good on ya!

  11. Congrats Lynn and to Judy too. A great team!

  12. You have given a lot to fellow carvers and this is the least anyone could do to recognize that.

  13. Safely home after 18 hours of travel. A little cranky but everyone including the Road Agent arrived safely. Congrats again Lynn and many thanks.

  14. Lynn,

    Congratulations to you. Thank you to you and Judy for all that you share. I know it helps make you better besides helping the rest of us tremendously. The award is very well deserved.

  15. Congratulations big guy! You are most deserving of this award and I'm glad everything else went so well at Dayton! We owe a lot of thanks to your wife also, for the wonderful videos you guys have shared!

  16. Congrats to you Lynn on the fine award. Well deserved. And thanks to you and Judy for all of the videos.....Myron

  17. Congrats my friend on your award..
    have been moving rather slow of late so nit spending much time on the old 'puter..
    Have a great year,
    Will hayden