Monday, May 24, 2010

Monte Walsh - Part 14 - Painting the Longjohns & Neckerchief

With this one we pretty well finish applying paint to Monte.  Hopefully, in the next video we’ll wrap this project up and start planning the next one. 
I misspoke in describing mixing the colors for the neckerchief in that I said that light brown was transparent when I really meant to say opaque.   I think the video shows pretty clearly what I meant but just wanted to make sure.  Anyway, here’s part 14 and any comments are always welcome.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your talents Lynn....Monte is looking swell.
    I like the higher camera angle but if it's going to put your wife in harms way I would feel better knowing both of her boots are safely on the floor.

  2. As all of your videos are this is another grear one. Thank you and Judy for helping us all to understand the art of woodcarving a little better. fred k

  3. Lynn,
    Monte is looking fantastic! You have an eye for color combination while keeping your realistic theme. Thanks again to you and Judy for all you do to share information.