Monday, May 17, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 11 – Painting the Jeans & Boots

Monte gets a set of Levis and some Lucchese boots in this video.  Just painting these small areas took over 20 minutes some some of the upcoming painting videos might be broken up into several parts as I want to give you the complete picture of how I go about choosing and blending colors to get various effects.


Will hopefully get the chaps segment started tomorrow.  That will be the best part of painting this figure.

Comments always welcome.

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  1. Another masterful series Lynn. It's the attention you place on the tiniest of details, both in your carving and painting, that sets your pieces aside and at the top in my books. Thanks once more for offering the lessons for our eyes to enjoy. Cheers!

    Merryl Bustin
    Nova Scotia