Sunday, March 11, 2012

White Eagle

Here's a new bust I've been working on while the paints drying on Iron Eagle.  I like doing this little busts as they are certainly easier than a full figure but the best thing is that they sell quite quickly.   Hope you like him.  More photos in the gallery and your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Iron Buffalo is unbelievably detailed and rich in fine touches that elevate him,in my opinion, higher than any of your previous carvings. I really enjoyed looking at him,every picture reveled a new nuance that I found interesting. Iron Eagle is very nice a well,and he will also look good when painted I know based on past performance. Really a great pair of carvings, looks like the native peoples are going to be well represented in your museum show. Great work and I can't even imagine what is yet ot come.

  2. Another winner! His facial features are just amazingly wonderful and the breast plate is just super. Did you use a reference photo for the face or did it just evolve? He should should look dy-no-mite when painted up.


  3. Whether is is a full figure or a bust - both are incredible and a pleasure to look at!

  4. An all around superb job Lynn, but anything less would not be you. fred k


    It is a thrill to discover the details - such as the holes in the buffalo robe from when it was stretched for tanning - in your carvings. It makes me wonder how many such details are there that I don't even know to see.

    I couldn't find the additional photos in the Picasa Photo Gallery though. Perhaps they will be posted after the painting is dry?

    Thanks again Lynn for sharing!


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