Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iron Buffalo - Finished

Put the finishing touches to this redskin this morning and boy am I glad to see him done.  What a project but it turned out really well I think.   Quite a colorful piece.  Hope you like him and your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. A superb carving. Detail exquisite. Painting most excellent. You've out-done yourself...again!

  2. Very nice Lynn!!!
    When you post photos in the gallery, you are not wasting your time. I appreciate that you took a few shots at different stages for us to examine to try to figure things out for ourselves. And I did notice that you used balck spots on the feathers - must have took forever to paint them in! But, as you keep saying, details!!!
    Thanks, Jim

  3. Lynn, great job as usual. I have one question though. Iron Buffalo appears to have a very heavy 5:00 shadow. Should he have such heavy facial hair ?

  4. You're right Ed. That shadow is pretty heavy and I have since toned it down. I saw it as soon as I looked at the photos. The camera never lies....except now in photoshop.

    Sometimes, actually most times, when working on a figure so close for so long you kind of glaze over and can't see things others might see. That's one of the main reasons to STOP occasionally and just walk away from something to come back later to pick it up with a fresh perspective.

    As for facial hair on native Americans....some do but some don't. I remember back in Basic Training we had a native american soldier who complained that he shouldn't have to waste a portion of his $72 pay on footlocker display items, i.e, razor, soap stick, he would never use. Take a guess how that turned out. From what I could find on the net most plucked the hair out as soon as it appeared as they considered it unattractive.

    Thanks for pointing that out.