Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Texican - "You Called Me A What?"

Fixed this fella to his base this morning.  I guess he turned out pretty good but I'm not that really impressed with him.  Guess it was all that hoop-la over at that other place.  Anyway, hope you like him.  There are more photos in the Gallery and your comments are welcome.


  1. Got to love it. Great job. Good name too. Ginny

  2. An impressive character and a well done caricature!

    I'm impressed! Anyone that gazes upon him will be impressed!

    Please don't let the Feelings Police from the other site upset your love of your creations. Your true fans know that you wouldn't make insult -- your admonitions to avoid derogatory ethnic caricatures provides ample evidence -- and that you keep your humor funny and not slanderous.

    Thanks for sharing Lynn!


  3. I like this guy. He has a mean and ornery look to somebody just Messed with Texas and he is fixin' to counsel the offender. Nice work on the medal, that is some small detail that I would have struggled forever with. I absolutely LOVE the captured the true proud Texas spirit with that bandanna.

  4. Bein'a Texican myself, I like this guy. I was born and raised in Texas and speak enough Tex-Mex to get along. Oops, is Tex-Mex a racist term? Nah. That's what even the People of Latin American Heritage call it.

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