Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Chuck's On Boys!

Finally got him all painted up.  Turned out quite well I think.  There are a whole bunch of photos in the gallery.  As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Fantastic job Lynn, I always enjoy seeing the detail you add with your painting. I would like to see a close up of the cigar band.
    Thanks for all you guys do for us.

  2. An excellent and visually stunning piece. The detailing in both the carving and the painting are stupendous...I am green with envy of your talent. To be able to paint like that, you had to have studied either formally or from a very talented mentor. If you picked up all that talent by trial and error, then you are indeed genetically blessed with talent.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation, it is good to get away from one's daily routine and stimulate the mind and body in different ways. I know you visited family, and there is nothing as satisfying to the soul as getting together with family and spending time with your loved ones.

    Welcome back, looking forward to the next project.

  3. Too outstanding for words. Excellent detail is everywhere on it and the apron is a masterpiece in itself. Way to go Pard..... Hope you're keeping as cool as you can during the unbelievable heat wave you're experiencing that won't quit.

  4. Incredible job Lynn!
    Love the apron.


  5. Very nice figure Lynn. Great paint job as usual

  6. Great work lynn,the best detail. I'm in awe. fred

  7. Great carving. Love the composition. I've got a question about the horse shoes. What type do you use. I live in the Chicago area and found a place that has them, but they're either steel or aluminum. The gun bluing I bought says it won't darken steel or aluminum. I followed your method on your video, but mine turned up with rust on the tips of them and in the holes. Any suggestions for preventing this?