Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reference Material

I've been ask how I obtain various reference material for my carvings. I have a complete library of books about the Old West that contain tons of info. However, I'm always on the lookout for more. I subscribe to a number of magazines dealing with the west, horses, western art, etc. When I see a picture of a scene I like or a piece of equipment I'll clip it out and glue it into a scrapbook devoted to a certain subject, i.e., Cowboys, Indians, Horses, etc. I have a number of these scrapbooks and they are always getting new material.

One of the most useful tools I have and use on a constant basis is my Digital Camera. As you can see by the photos associated with this post it comes in real handy. It only takes a minute to set up the pose, take the photo and have the wife run up the hill and print them out. I then have an exact reference to work from.

With Google, Yahoo and other search engines you can now find just about anything you're looking for.


  1. Absolutely great site, I just wish I could carve that good. Again a great site and I will revisit

  2. lynn,
    bug report, the first photo or link on referance materials is not showing the picture if you didnt notice..

    QUESTION: on the coffee pot.
    the handle is made of 18ga wire, the hand is carved with the handle inside, is the wire fed through a hole in the handle all the way through or is it cut where it goes through the hand?

  3. Thomp....Once you get the handle installed on the put just snip it in the middle and rebend it to fit into two small holes in the carved handle. Be careful when you drill the holes. If you try and drill all the way through at one time you might come out somewhere else than where you want. I usually come from both directions and hope I meet in the middle. Also, on the handle, if you have some Gun Blueing you can dip the wire in that to darken it. Works better than paint.

  4. Guess I should stop carving and go thru and read every post! I repeated this question on the handle? Oh well, as for the pose Lynn.....I think the least you could have done for the sake of the art was to shave your head ha ha!!!