Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cuffs, Legs, Shirts and a Little Bit Of Sanding

It's time to start getting into a little bit of detail. Now don't get too excited.....I said a little bit of detail. We're also going to get the body ready to accept the arms once we get them done. We'll be using a disc-sander. Be careful when using power tools on Basswood as the wood is soft and can disappear at a rapid rate. If you don't have a disc- sander you can still accomplish the task it just won't be as easy. The one I use is a Black&Decker benchtop version that serves me well. Sometimes I wish it was larger but not enough to run out and buy the bigger version.

Don't take any wood off his bum as we're going to do a little Add-On to his right pocket in the next post. You can see by the photo that we've really made a good seperation between the two legs. That long-bladed knife did it's duty and allowed the Cook to keep that deep growl in his voice! He's appreciative of that and might just reward you with an extra biscuit.

Remember...If you have a question regarding this part of the project, drop me a comment by clicking on the "Comments" area at the bottom right of this post.

To be continued......


  1. Great tutorial Lynn, much appreciated.

  2. A fantastic tool for us all to learn from......I much appreciate your deep concern for us to focus on the foundation of the carving first, leave details to fall in line later on. Great advise. Coffeeman

  3. Lynn,
    Thank you for the outstanding site and great service to the carving community.

  4. This is so special. For now I am documenting every page and picture. Currently I’m the executor of my dad’s estate and that is taking all of my time. But just as soon as I get that taken care of, this will be my next project.
    Thanks so much Lynn. If there is anything this ole country boy can do to re-pay don’t hesitate to ask…..Myron

  5. Lynn

    Question: Any tips on carving the pegs of the pieces -- head, arms etc. that attach to the body so that they fit.

    Seems everytime I carve something like this the fit leaves alot to be desired...the hole is to big and the peg too small. In any event it's not a good fit.

    Or, is it a simple thing like "work on it" or drill a hole and insert a dowel? The latter seems like cheating!

    Great job with your blog.


  6. Dave.....I just use a piece of 1/8" dowel. I cover this procedure in the posts about carving the arms. I don't consider any of this 'cheating'. We're just going at it from a different direction.