Saturday, May 27, 2006

Painting the Body

Now we start painting the body. Here are the colors I used:

Jeans--Midnight Blue
Boots--Asphaltum (Brown) and Black
Shirt---Yellow Ochre
Vest---Chocolate Cherry (Dark Purple)
..........Irrediscent Red
Hanky-Chocolate Cherry with white highlights
Scarf--Moroccan Red

The attached photos will give more detail on the use of these colors.

On the cooking implements, they are painted Flat Black. I sort of winged it on the Shovel. Painted the metal parts Moroccan Red and came back with silver to indicate the wear areas. A Light Brown wash on the wooden parts. Used the button technique to paint on some rivets on the handle.

The Beans were painted Raw Sienna with Red highlights. The Biscuits were painted white and I came back and painted Yellow Ochre on the tops and then a thin wash of Raw Sienna to indicate browning. These were then glued in the Dutch Oven with a small drop of Epoxy on the bottom of each biscuit. The Coffee pot is painted Midnight Blue with the bottom painted Flat Black to indicate smoke from the fire. I then took an old toothbrush, dipped it in White and lightly flicked on some spots. Practice before doing this!!! Done right it looks just like enamelware.

Next we do the design and some final touches.

To be continued......

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