Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Coffee Pot and a Dutch Oven

Before we add the right arm, let's go ahead and make the Coffee Pot and the Dutch Oven. These might look kind of difficult but they're really quite easy to do if you have the right equipment. Most of the work is done by your saw and a drill. Those of you who don't have access to a drill press and a set of Forstner bits can accomplish this task by cutting out the center of the oven and lid on a jig saw and then glueing in a false bottom. All the joints will be hidden.

This oven is made to accept 8 biscuits made from 5/8" wooden dowel. This is just the right size for this scene.

Note: I have edited this post for the size of the biscuits. I had originally typed 3/8" vs. the 5/8" now shown. The smaller version would work okay but the larger size looks better.


  1. restarted the project i had a little mishap with the other block and it split becuse i was too impaient to wait.
    ive got the pattern set up on the main block and will take it to a cabinet shop and pay them to band saw it out tonight.

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog and again thanks for your efforts time and resources in putting togather this blog.
    im stoked to get some progress done, maybe i can put some beans and buscuts in the pot today...

    did you see the minature tom H. was making on the wci of this project.

  2. Fantastic Lynn, you make it look so easy.
    Keep up the great work, the knowledge your passing on is greatly appreciated by many.

    You would make lots of $$$ if you charged for this. OOOPSS!!!! did I say that!! Well, you have to finish this one first. :)

  3. Lynn,
    I’m currently looking at a recent carving that you completed called “Good To The Last Drop”. The picture I’m looking at is a close up of the face but also shows the shoulders (after burning but prior to painting. It looks like the arms and body are carved all as one piece. I see no glue line at all?? Just curious……Myron (oh yeah, I sure am enjoying this Lynn)

  4. Lynn,
    Looking at the cook from the front. (I’m working with a blank 9” high). What is the distance from the ground up to the top of the apron? I realize this changes as you work around to the side. A dimension in front would help me a lot…..Thanks…myron

  5. Myron...You should be able to get that measurement from the pattern..either the front view or the side. I'd have to go down the hill to get the actual measurement.

  6. got the blank bansawed out today, got a thumb gaurd and 2 rolls of veltrap from the hospital lab free if you dont cry when you get blood taken.....
    short post and pics here

  7. , well i near finished the coffee pot, i did jump a little ahead after my hands started cramping from holding the big carving im use to smaller carvings, and to keep safe and not try to hold this one under my arm or between my legs, my hands tire and cramp...
    got his cuffs and boots nearly finished and some work up to his fanny, then started the coffeepot. its shap and all over deep carving is done needs smoothing and handles
    pulled an all nighter,daah! excitement of a new project.
    will post results on my blogg soon as i can get this thing to take pictures...