Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Head...Completed

Like in the previous post, just continue on, taking your time. Once the head is complete, the hair lines are burnt in, being careful not to overburn. Then I lightly sanded it on the San-O-Flex wheel, keeping my thumb over the nose until the very last so not too much wood is taken off. Don't want him to have a smooth and shiney nose. The fine grit on the sandpaper lets you protect these fragile areas with your fingers or thumb without worrying about losing your fingerprints. Don't burn the eyebrows, paint will make them stand out.

As you can see by the photo I use a very simple "cartoon" ear detail. No need to go overboard. Also, insteadof spending a lot of time trying to make realistic hair with a v-tool I just indicate the direction of the flow of the hair with my knife. To me that's enough. This is a caricature.

So, the head is complete. Now the really hard work begins!! (Only kidding!)

To be continued......


  1. Lynn, would you share with us your process of how you go about developing face and head details? That is, do you use reference photos, sketches that you have drawn, or does it just come to you as you work? Thank you -

  2. Ron....Thanks for your interest in my work. Faces! Everybody asks how to do them. The best answer I can give is to do as I do......Look in the mirror! When I'm after a certain expression that's just what I do. Sometimes I'll have my wife take some photos of me doing various expressions from different angles so I can see how the lines of the face run.

    If I'm not after any particular expression I just let the wood take me where it wants to go. Usually, when I've roughed out the piece and the closer I get to any actual detail, the wood will show me what IT wants to do. Maybe that aspect of seeing the final face comes with skill, I don't really know. However, many times I can see the final outcome of the piece by just looking at the block as the chips fall off. To me that's half the fun of carving, seeing the figure come alive.

    I hope this helps you out. Thanks again. Lynn