Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Down the Homestretch!

Before we get our brushes wet let's talk a little about painting. As you can see by the photo, I have an area in my shop devoted completely to painting. I realize not all of you can do this but I wanted to show the different things I use when a figure reaches this stage. Directly to the right of my chair you will see my paint box. I paint with acrylics so this box, when I put the lid on, will keep my paint from drying if something comes up to where I have to leave. You can get by without it but it's a nice tool to have. Inside the paint box I have a piece of glass which is where I mix my paints. Glass lets me see right through the different washes of paint I'm using and also lets me see how much will actually go on the figure or item I'm painting. When I'm through, a razor blade will quickly scrape off the dried or unused paint and give me a clean surface to begin again. I keep my water container in the box and my brushes right next to the glass. To the right of the box is a paper towel to wipe my brushes and a tub of Brush Soap I use to help clean out the color.

In front of the pad are the various colors I use along with a spray bottle filled with clean water. To the left is a roll of paper towels and a hair-dryer. I use the hair-dryer to speed up the drying process if needed. A heat-gun would be much too hot. The little window looks out on my Gallery parking lot just in case some customer happens by!

I have lots of different colors of paint but have come to rely on just a few. These I'll point out as we go along. I buy my paint at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Marts Craft section or could order it if necessary. I've been painting for close to 30 years using these craft paints and find that the quality is pretty consistant. Best yet....they're cheap. One thing I will recommend is that you get you some GOOD brushes. Sable hair is good. They might cost more but will last a long time if you keep them clean.

So....Let's start painting!

To be continued.....



    now i know why you produce them in just aq few days, its to keep your hands in shape,
    my hands have given up on me, i cant keep up the pase,

    check my blogg
    if your wondering about my progress will be posting tonight progress to date.

  2. Lynn-have enjoyed your postings of the camp cook,ihave posted a pic.on wci message board "what you carving" if you happen to pass by.
    when I get i little farther along will post in caricature which time would appreciate yout critique