Friday, May 26, 2006

Painting the Head

Here is a list of the paint colors I used to do the face:

Red Iron Oxide
Yellow Ochre
Asphaltum (Brown)
Midnight Blue
Burnt Umber

Remember when applying paint it's best to apply too little than too much. But, if you see you've applied too much, quickly load your brush with clean water and 'erase' as much as the color as possible.

Also, a very important rule is to keep your hands clean. Wash them before you start and frequently while you're painting. And, even more important still..


Every once in a while you will see Old Reliable in the photos while I'm painting. I always keep him handy to clean up any burrs that might show up during the process. Wetting the wood brings a lot of these out. Another benefit of wetting the wood is that it will close up a lot of the little cut lines.

Again, just take your time and have fun. Painting brings your character to life so let's make sure he has a good one ahead of him!

To be continued......


  1. Thanks again Lynn for the great step by step pictures. My 3 ring binder is now about 1" thick. I'm documenting every word and picture. This is very special and this ole country boy sure appreciates it....Myron

  2. Hi Lynn-
    As all have commented at various points on the blog, it's amazing what you can do with such basic carving tools! I too, appreciate all your time and energy in sharing you work and processes.

    I looked, but was unable to find the previous post on "Plastic Surgery" for the eyes. How about a link or date of post to guide me to it?