Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Winter Warrior

I think this one will start off 2012 in the right direction.  I really like the contrast between the colors and Judy says he looks cold so as far as I'm concerned he's a success.  It took a lot of splattering with a toothbrush to get the effect I was after and I taped over the face to make sure I didn't get too much in that area.  I also tried to increase the snow in the areas that would catch it as it fell.  The base if a piece of medium density fiberboard coated with a gazillion coats of paint as that stuff really soaks it up.  Got to come up with a better way of doing it or search for a different material.
Anyway, hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.


  1. I absolutely love the expression on this guy face, another winner!!

  2. What a wonderful figure..he looks absolutely frigid and miserable. Great job on the detailing and the techniques of the snow. Good to see you back on the blog and I have missed your inspiration. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  3. Yep, another winner there Lynn. To me he looks way past cold.


  4. Fantastic Lynn! I too love the color contrast not only between the blue and orange but also between the darker color of the blue blanket at the bottom and the white of the snow at the top. Definitely a winner! Also, hope you, Judy and everyone else on the blog had a good new year. :) Jim

  5. I love the rounded snow at the base.... nice