Friday, January 20, 2012

Fireman – Part 15

We’re almost there.  After this only a little varnish and some fine tuning and we can set him out for display.


  1. Wow! That dry brush technique of yours really brings the whole piece to life and that lettering tops the piece off. Another really nice job and great tip to add to my painting tehniques. Thanks a bunch.


  2. You are a "God" Lynn!!! lol
    But for us "Mere Mortals" when I was playing around with digital painting, it was very easy to undo your last strokes because of the software if you made a mistake and then do it over again or to just paint over the mistakes until you got it right.
    Watching you paint the letters is almost a "one off" thing. If you make a mistake, I imagine it may be correctable afer some difficulty, but, I think it is better to "practice" several times on something else before I attempt the final shot at it just to get my mind-eye-hand coordination comfortable before doing the real thing. My two cents for the rest of us "Mere Mortals" lol
    And the lettering and dry brushing makes everything about him stand out. Fantastic work! Jim