Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fireman – Part 11

Fireman 005

This wraps up the carving segments and I apologize for losing the information on carving the right arm, hose and bullhorn.  But I guess those things happen…just too bad it had to happen here.  Anyway……


I’ve put the drawing for the horn in the gallery along with a scan of the horn itself and the hose.   I think we’ve covered enough to where it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to do these items should you want to following that route.


  1. Very nice Lynn! I am glad to see how you change ideas as part of the creative process. I also think you are right that it won't be around for very long. My wife sells jewelry and she came across some die-cast metal fire engines. They were gone in a few days and some other the firemen came into her shop looking for more. I told her she was selling them too cheap! lol Anyway, a winner for sure. Appreciate it. Jim

  2. A very impressive piece, and your paint will really give him that extra touch that will bring him to life. I really like the hose and bullhorn, it gives him an action and sets the basis for a story, a very nice carving that someone will treasure forever.

  3. This one is certain to go fast - don't price it too low. (-:

    Very nice alternate to the right arm and great explaination of your rationale, which I always find helpful.

    I presume the copper pieces were first etched with your 'special' primer and then painted black?


  4. usual. Always anxious to see the next project.