Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Any Complaints?" Carving part Finished!

Better not say nothing bad about his biscuits!  This cook is packin'!   This was a fun figure to carve.  Being larger than normal I could spend a little more time on the details so I fitted him out with a revolver and a meat knife and cleaver.  I also gave him a false shirt front instead of the usual shirt and neckerchief.  It should look interesting when painted with his underwear showing behind it.  Might even toss in a few tobacco stains.

Anyway, hope you like him.  He should be a classic once he's applied his makeup!   As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. "Any Complaints?" - Well certainly not while you're carrying that meat cleaver around cookie. (-:

    As always great eye candy for us followers. He should paint up real good.


  2. Lots of really great detail o this one. It must take a lot of planning time to lay out all those layers of detail and then keep them straight and done in the right order to make it come out correctly in the end. I get confused at times and have to stop and re-orient my brain on which layer of a carving I am supposed to be working on at what time. I see his gun is holstered butt forward...does that mean he does a cross draw and is left handed? Just curious, since I started carving, and studying everything for detail...I notice little things like that. Outstanding piece for the museum show, can't wait to see him painted.

  3. This guy looks great Lynn! Should look spectacular painted.

    If you don't mind I've got a couple (3) of general questions.
    1)In the Picasa Gallery the format has changed. I'm unable to zoom in on the photos - was that a conscious decision or one forced by Google?
    2) I seen a couple mentions of a museum showing - what museum & where?
    3) are you going to have another OutWest Challenge this year?

    Thanks to you and Judy for all you do.
    --Peter G

  4. Peter: Unfortunately, I have no control over how others see the photos. I just upload them to the Picasa site and them they take over. Sorry.

    I've been offered the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Woolaroc Museum in Oklahoma during the holiday season. I'll post more on this as it's still pretty fluid.

    No, no Challenge this year. Just too much to do around my shop getting ready for the museum show. Appreciate your interest though.

  5. Of the many carvings of yours Lynn I think I like this one best. But then again, I really like all of your carvings.
    Ed Novak