Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fireman – Part 16 - The Finish

We’re actually finish!  With this one we bring everything together…add the smaller details, glue a few pieces together and then mount him on his base.   I think he turned out to be a pretty nifty character.   There are photos of the finished product in the Gallery and your comments are appreciated. 

Thanks again to Stan up in South Dakota for the suggestion and for all of the reference material. 


  1. A great looking carving, he will fly out of the gallery for sure, some fireman or enthusiast somewhere will be proud to own him. I learned a lt from this series, your tips help us all to advance our skill set and improve our work. You and Judy have my heartfelt thanks for all your time and effort in this series (and all the other projects), and I look forward to the next adventure in caring to come.

  2. Lynn, he turned out great but then we expect no less from have set the bar so high that I don't think you have to worry about anyone getting anywear near your level of talent.

    Thank you and the way does Judy have a favorite carving of your she won't let you sell?

    One more thing, could you post another front view of the Priest in the Gallery, the first one is blurry,I might give him a try, I like him too.

  3. Yes, pretty nifty!!! He will definitely find a home on some captain's desk or firehouse mantle place.
    While the process may be repetitive, each and every carving you do is a new adventure. I can see why you like doing it so much. Each one is always a new challenge. :) I echo Kent's sentiments - it is too bad we are so old and don't have the time left in our lives to reach your level of mastery. :) But, on the good side, it is the journey that counts and not the end product. Just sitting and carving at the end of the day brings peace of mind from the daily stress regardless of what the carving looks like.
    Thank you and Judy for another wonderful series. Jim