Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fireman – Part 14

Mixing up some color and watching it dry!


  1. That is the only paint I have had fun watching dry....I hadn't thought f putting down a dark background color for details, but I can see how it offers some contrast to make the stand out. All these little touches make a huge difference, thanks for all the would take me longer than I have left to live to accumulate the years of experiences you have at this craft, so you are an immense help to my ability to make a decent carving. Thanks a lot to both of you.

  2. Lynn, this is excellent instruction. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Thanks to you and your wife for taking the time to make and post all these videos.

  3. Lynn & Judy,
    I appreciate the both of you for taking the time to make the videos. I like it when Judy talks a little - it makes the videos a bit more homey! :)
    I also appreciate your taking a bit of time to address mixing colors Lynn (I would not have ever thought of adding a bit of brown to the grey), but, it is ovbious you cannot think and stir at the same time! lol I have the same problem when I make hot wing sauce! lol It is coming together and if you make a part 15, great. But, if not, i'll enjoy looking at the photos. The idea about customizing the helmet number is one of those things that add the "extra touch" and I can understand putting off making another video because of it.
    Anyway, thanks again for answering my questions and look forward to both of you in the next video. Jim